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Mountain Flickering



SO i did some research and applied those values to help figting mountain flickering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q0DwxPGdSo this is the video i followed (by gamerpoets) and did both fix part 1 (changing terrain manager settings etc.) and then I did the fix part 2 (changing ugridstoload to 7.)


I still get horrible mountain filickering sometimes and was wondering what approach I should, should I raise the values recommended by gamerpoets in fix part 1, or is there other ways of doing it?


OH I use also dyndolod, since the video mentioned LOD can cause more flickering.


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You're only interested in the mountain fog textures. They covers up the z-fighting really well. Just uses those textures and you'll be fine.

OK, I saw it had support for some things for purity so I also did install some optional textures for purity aswell as the mountain fogs

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