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  1. Thank you for the reply! I do have 2 SDD 120 GB's laying around that I got from the work, however the reason I was able to take them home from work was because my boss thought they were broken in some way, I use one of the SDD i took home (1/3) currently, so I have 2 SDD, one for windows and skyrim (120GB), and the other for other games and modding/good bang for the bucks type of programs. Damn SDD's run quickly out of space. :P The problem is, I don't have enough Molex/Sata cables, I also have to empty my PC of dust, so I will need to buy one of those air flask that cost quite a bit I think. Is pagefile only a problem/present on the SDD that windows is installed on? So my Windows SDD should not be that full in order to function correctly, am I correct? I am kinda not that techish so I could use some ELI5, heh. Things are hard, my Skyrim is 50GB, throw in a few saves, suddenly 5 gb more. Then I will have to install games like BF4/BF3 since I play them too, including fallout new vegas / witcher 3 which is also heavily moddable, that's like 500 GB icluding battlefield and their goddamn 60 gb games :P Do you have any tips on checking out the life spans for the SDD's that I got from the work? And thank you very much kind sir
  2. Yes, the memory patch works. I don't know if my Enblocal.ini is correct, I heard that there is no real answer in what you should use, as in there's different formulas everywhere. :P So I was hoping you guys could point out to me -I run Windows 7 - 64-Bit - My GPU is 2048 VRAM, so yes, 2 GB. - My main SDD contains Windows, Skyrim, Mod Organizer and other programs. - See above - Above ^ - My SDD has currently 15 gb left of space, altough it sometimes goes down to red, in which case I'll have to delete saves (my Skyrim saves are 27 MB :P), and sometimes I'll have to delete other things etc to keep up with enough SDD space.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/r3roufV.jpg this is what SPM shows me. Here is my specs AMD HD 7800 Series i5 3570K cpu (Stock cooler) 3.4 GHZ ASUS p8z77-v LE 8 GB ram Playing on a SDD 120 GB Here is my mod list: https://pastebin.com/hWc3fAdE Load order: LO - https://pastebin.com/yTisdb9c Those with a "+" is active, those with a "-" is not active on my modlist link :) _______________________________________ Here is my Skyrim ini and SkyrimPrefs; https://pastebin.com/Sr3yELaD - Skyrim.ini https://pastebin.com/h4wkjSEf - prefs ______________________________________ Enblocal.ini; https://pastebin.com/PzPNWg6j __________________________________ this is what I did: player.setscale 10 tgm tcl then I started to run like a madman, until I crashes after 30 seconds, does this graph show the reason for crashing? also another question: I keep getting horrible **** stutters every time i move around look around etc. I removed almost 80% of my textures mods and I still get those stutters when turning around with the mouse. I have tried almost every possible goddamn enblocal tweaks to no avail, so if anyone can point me in the right directions I would be grateful!
  4. Sorry, this is not a step build, I read that you guys don't officially support NON step builds, so if this is against the rules, please remove. Onto the problem I have. I have been playing a new char I have, very good one, 200 hours in, having fun, enjoying as it was the first time playing. I use Perkus Maximus (all modules and PCaPP), then I use SkyRe_EnemyAI and SkyRe_EnemyScaling which is compatible with PerMa. (Note: My load order is fine, I consider myself fairly advanced in setting up load orders and so on, as I have tested it very troughly with test characters.) When installing SkyRe, you get all the scripts, even tho you choose only a few modules, as in, if you only install SkyRe_EnemyAI, you also get all the scripts intended for all the other modules. Although I am unsure if this is something possible to change. My problem here is, I am running a stable load order with PerMa using all the scripts by SkyRe, when only using the SkyRe EnemyAI and EnemyScaling. So, is it possible to uninstall SkyRe EnemyScaling and EnemyAI plus all the scripts while still keeping the save using a save script cleaner tool afterwards? Or is my save going to depend on all those scripts even tho I don't use all the modules that those scripts need? Thanks.
  5. Thank you so much for the clarfication! It really bugged me :P guess I have to change a few settings now
  6. What's seen cannot be unseen :P Alright I am waiting in excitement!
  7. Ok guys I seriously think this enbsettings need a bit more attention as this is totally mind **** it seems :P (No offense). What I mean is, take a look here; https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENBlocal_INI/Memory Take a look at this line here; DisableDriverMemoryManager = Step says: Leave it DISABLED (SET TO FALSE). My question then is, doesn't that mean that that the line you put there means "false"? Let's put it this way. ENBoost asks you: "Do you want to disable DriverMemoryManager? And you answer with "false". I thought that if you were to put the word true in there it would make more sense as in TRUE to DISABLING that feature instead of FALSE to DISABLING it, which sounds like don't disable it. Am I the only one confused? Ok next line; DisablePreloadToVRAM: STEP says: Disable it. Look at the name, same as above. It has the word "disable" in it. I always had this line set to true because I imagined it went like this in my head: Do you want to disable preload to VRAM? True for yes, false for no. DAMN IT, this doesn't make sense! NOTHING DOES. EXAMPLE THIS ONE IS EASY: ExpandSystemMemoryX64, this one you set it to false for disabled and true for enabled. But if you were to put the word disabled before the rest of the line it would read like this: DisableExpandSystemMemoryX64: now what? What would the line be here? Obviously not false? because then you're saying don't disable it? Damnit this is like rocket science.
  8. OK, I saw it had support for some things for purity so I also did install some optional textures for purity aswell as the mountain fogs
  9. Okay, I guess it comes with fomod? anyways checking out the file now.
  10. Well I use Purity and I am happy with my weather setups, will this mess up anything?
  11. SO i did some research and applied those values to help figting mountain flickering. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q0DwxPGdSo this is the video i followed (by gamerpoets) and did both fix part 1 (changing terrain manager settings etc.) and then I did the fix part 2 (changing ugridstoload to 7.) I still get horrible mountain filickering sometimes and was wondering what approach I should, should I raise the values recommended by gamerpoets in fix part 1, or is there other ways of doing it? OH I use also dyndolod, since the video mentioned LOD can cause more flickering.
  12. Oki thanks. Also could you make those enb locals guide little more noobish friendly lol i always end up getting the prebuilt enblocal from boris on the nexus, since the one here confuses me :p.
  13. Hey, i always wondered where I can find Step extended, i know step core but i cant find the guide for step extended.
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