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Strange "grey" body bug



Hey guys, 


I do not know where else to turn for help, so I hope someone among you has an idea or has experienced this bug himself:


I am recently suffering from a strange "grey body bug", which affects 99 % of all human NPCs (bandits, hunters, orcs, mages, etc. etc.) -> strange thing is their skin is normal as long as they are alive. But as soon as I kill them, their skin texture changes from "normal skintone" to "grey skin". Never had this happen before and I am playing with the same setup/mods for some months now.

Note: It is NOT the grey face bug, the whole body is affected. 


I have uploaded an image of two dead orcs on the Nexus, I hope the bug is visible enough in the picture.  




I have installed a mixture of STEP & SR:LE plus Requiem (already contacted Ogerboss, Requiem is not causing it -> wrong installation would result in the "grey face bug", not this strange texture changing thingy upon death). I am using Mod Organizer if this is important somehow. 


Texture mods that change skin texture are those from STEP & SR:LE, so nothing unusual here either. Already checked these mods for empty files, but found nothing. 
Everything looks as it should be. 


I am desperately looking for help with this, don't know where it came from or what is causing it. Weirdst bug I ever had. 
Nothing game-breaking though, but very very annoying...


Please help :(

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Man, you're a genius!!!  ::D: It WAS caused by "Burn Freeze Shock Effects". I have disabled the mod and the problem is gone - been busy killing every NPC I met since yesterday and have raided bandit camps, forsworn dungeons, mage fortresses etc. No weird skintones anymore  :woot:  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Worth a note: I never had any issues with this mod in several playthroughs and my setup/mods have not changed for months, this bug just occurred out of nowhere.

Perhaps that is the "cool" thing about Skyrim, every time you think you've seen everything - BAM you got a new surprise ;) 

Thanks and keep up the good work with STEP!

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