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  1. Hey guys, just finished installing all the mods in the guide wohooo - now I'm doing the merging stuff. I just realized that some of the mod config menus seem to have issues due to the merging, namely: - A Matter of Time from the Heads Up Display Merge has strange dollar signs $ in the menu and also in the widget - Inn Room Costs from the Miscellaneous Merge also has dollar signs, and the two menus "InnRoomCosts_Vanilla" and "InnRoomCosts_Mods" are empty Has anybody encountered this problem as well or is it just me? On a sidenote moreHUD seems to merge just well, despite the SKSE thingy. Edit: Wet & Cold Menu has the $ signs too, didn't merge that of course.
  2. Just wanted to update: I have installed "Smoking Torches and Candles" today and the problem is gone! I can set Fire Intensity back to the original values, the "light halo" does no longer show up! :D According to MO the meshes overwritten by "Smoking Torches and Candles" are: - meshes/weapons/torch/torch.nif (from "New Thinner Torch") - meshes/clutter/common/torchpermanent01.nif (from ENB Particle Patch / SMIM) So it is very likely that the problem is caused by the torch.nif mesh from "New Thinner Torch". The SMIM / ENB Particle Patch meshes are already optimised for ENB. I have not tested it though, too busy finetuning the new Rudy ENB + NLA (which I warmly recommend to anyone reading this) ;)
  3. Has this been fixed in the meantime? If not, I have the same problem with some ENBs, got rid of it by changing the ENB settings in enbseries.ini as follows: [FIRE]IgnoreWeatherSystem=false --> true (in some ENBs this setting does not matter, but in one case the fire did not change at all when left at "false")IntensityInteriorDay=2.0 --> 0.5IntensityInteriorNight=2.0 --> 0.5 This "tweak" may cause other fires to look barely lit, so you can raise [LIGHTSPRITE] IntensityInteriorDay/Night. This compensates the lacking intensity somehow. I am by far no expert and the "fix" does not solve the problem, but at least makes it less painful to look at. I wonder why this bug (is it a bug?) has not been addressed so far, you can see this happen even in some ENB authors' videos (with varying intensity).
  4. Worth a note: I never had any issues with this mod in several playthroughs and my setup/mods have not changed for months, this bug just occurred out of nowhere. Perhaps that is the "cool" thing about Skyrim, every time you think you've seen everything - BAM you got a new surprise ;) Thanks and keep up the good work with STEP!
  5. Man, you're a genius!!! It WAS caused by "Burn Freeze Shock Effects". I have disabled the mod and the problem is gone - been busy killing every NPC I met since yesterday and have raided bandit camps, forsworn dungeons, mage fortresses etc. No weird skintones anymore THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  6. Thanks for the reply, but no, I do not use poisons. I kill them with the sword or with the bow. The sword has a fire enchantment on it, the bow is unenchanted.
  7. Hey guys, I do not know where else to turn for help, so I hope someone among you has an idea or has experienced this bug himself: I am recently suffering from a strange "grey body bug", which affects 99 % of all human NPCs (bandits, hunters, orcs, mages, etc. etc.) -> strange thing is their skin is normal as long as they are alive. But as soon as I kill them, their skin texture changes from "normal skintone" to "grey skin". Never had this happen before and I am playing with the same setup/mods for some months now. Note: It is NOT the grey face bug, the whole body is affected. I have uploaded an image of two dead orcs on the Nexus, I hope the bug is visible enough in the picture. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/Images/538386/? I have installed a mixture of STEP & SR:LE plus Requiem (already contacted Ogerboss, Requiem is not causing it -> wrong installation would result in the "grey face bug", not this strange texture changing thingy upon death). I am using Mod Organizer if this is important somehow. Texture mods that change skin texture are those from STEP & SR:LE, so nothing unusual here either. Already checked these mods for empty files, but found nothing. Everything looks as it should be. I am desperately looking for help with this, don't know where it came from or what is causing it. Weirdst bug I ever had. Nothing game-breaking though, but very very annoying... Please help :(
  8. Updating went without problems, in game everything looks fine too :) Seems I'm getting better at this ;)
  9. Wow, thanks! Nerimir's actually made it :-) Didn't think it would go so fast! And here is 1.8.2 for you: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/19281/? Hope updating won't screw up my carefully constructed build. If so, I'll have to play Dragon Age after all ;)
  10. Well, some time has passed since my last post, and I have good news: I have successfully installed STEP Core, some mods from STEP Extended and complete SR:LE. Game was completely stable, so I went on and installed Requiem 1.8.1. No problems either, stress-tested everything several times. Then the patches: Got all the patches there are for 1.8.1 on the Nexus and filled the rest with Aziroks 1.7.3 patches, namely - Resources (obviously, needed for SIC DLC 2) - Book Covers Skyrim Patch - Cutting Room Floor Patch - Radiant Potions + Poisons Patch - RS Children Patch - SCRR Patch - SIC Patch + SIC DLC 2 Patch - Consistent Older People Patch - Trade and Barter Patch Furthermore I installed the "Bring out your dead" and "Frostfall" patches recommended by Smile on the Requiem STEP page. Then I checked for conflicts, oddities and errors in TES5Edit. Well, fortunately most of the patches are fine! :-) There were some little errors I had to correct in "Cutting Room Floor" Patch, the BOYD patch and the SIC patches needed more work, though it was not as bad as expected. BOYD patch was the worst... a lot of armor/perk adjustments etc. The rest of the patches should be fine though, at least from my noob-look at it in TES5Edit ;-) I am no expert at all and happy that I was able to produce a stable game - so thanks to all you STEP guys for writing intense tutorials on conflict resolution etc. (especially Neo!). And the whole work was worth it: I have a stable game with Requiem 1.8.1 plus all the patches I need, playing for about 5 days now and did not encounter any issues. The only patch still missing is Falskaar and I cannot tackle that (I do not even know if I got all things correct in BOYD ;-)) There is a new patch for Wyrmstooth with Requiem 1.8., in case you have missed it: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60706/? So my recommendation would be - you can install 1.8 and also use some of Aziroks patches, but please check with TES5Edit if there are any conflicts/errors. I only hope that I do not have to go through all this again with 1.8.2, argh :D Happy Xmas holidays
  11. I guess you have all read about 1.8.2 being released around Christmas? Hope the patches will still work, wanted to start a whole new build with a " mod mix" from STEP / Extended / SR:LE. However, not even 1.8.1 has all the patches I would need, so I might have to go back to 1.7.3 eventually... or did anyone try out the 1.7.3 patches with the 1.8.1 version?
  12. Hi guys, wanted to ask for help regarding the "volcanic tundra" textures: For my taste, the SR:LE solution does contrast too much with other textures, it always sticks out and transitions look out of place. Also it is overall too bright/shiny, especially in sunny weather (with Vividian ENB installed). Does anybody have an alternative that does fit the surrounding landscape/textures better?
  13. Now it worked for me too - you have to download and install Notepad++, using the "normal" editor/notepad and saving or renaming the file as .pas does not work! Copy & paste it directly into Notepad++ and save it as .pas (you can choose .pas from the dropdown menu in Notepad++). I also downloaded and installed the new TES5Edit version linked above by fireundubh. Everything works fine now, hope this helps :) Alas, but modding is never finished ... anticipating Requiem 1.8 and more additions + updates to come to SR:LE. But without the whole modding and trying to get even better results every time you think this is it - wouldn't that be a bit boring? And I'll try to get more experienced and not pose any more noob questions next time ;) Thanks again for all the good tips and being so patient with me, I'm off now enjoying the game (as should you) :D
  14. Seems like it's not a good day for me ... saved the script as a .pas file and tried to apply it in TES5Edit, but I get the message "Error in unit 'UserScript' on line 30 : Undeclared Identifier 'ClearMessages'." Could you please show mercy on a desperate noob again and tell me how to do this right? :(
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