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Migrating MO



So when I first installed MO I installed it into a "Programs" folder I have on my SSD. Now suppose I want to migrate my MO installation to a different directory. I tried simply moving the "Mod Organizer" folder but this removed my profiles and my mods, even though they were all still in the "mods" folder. Is there an official tutorial on how to move you "Mod Organizer" folder, or at least way to ensure I won't have to redownload and reinstall all my mods and recreate my profiles?

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1. Start Mod Organizer.

2. Click the backup buttons for the modlist and plugins lists on all profiles.

3. Go into Settings and untick the Advanced checkbox for redirecting the directories.

4. Copy and Paste the entire ModOrganizer folder to the new location.

5. Start Mod Organizer. Everything should be as it was.

6. If not:

    a. Go to Settings and check Advanced and ascertain that all the directories are correct.

    b. Then restore the backed up modlist and plugins lists you made in step 2 via the restore button.

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