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[WIP] NPC Visual Transferer


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Hey everoyne, I heard this is where all the cool kids hang out, so I figured I'd say hello by releasing the beta version of:


NPC Visual Transferer  Skyrimorphs? Actormorphs?

(crappy title, but can't think of much else atm).



Now out on the nexus!  Get It Here!


The concept is pretty simple.  Take any humanoid npc you find in-game and perfectly transfer its visuals onto any other NPC by creating an override and modifying its record info. (Which is saved to a single esp which I control).

My hope is that users who are not familiar with CK and who prefer a different visual style can populate the NPCs of their world by using visually similar standalone npcs provided by the nexus.

This also allows users to enjoy any fully fleshed out NPC mod (custom voices/quests etc.) without worrying about the visuals as they can change it to whomever they want.


Even better is that at any point in time you can change/remove these visuals without any risk to your savegame.


MO\NMM users get full facegen management:

  • Handle all FaceGenData management, so you don't need to manually extract/move/rename/remove any FaceGenData.
  • Remove the need to keep the plugin of the NPC who has the visuals you want (although you will have to keep the modfolder active, but that can be merged).
  • ---(ex. Used the visuals of NPCA inside of PluginA.esp - After patching, PluginA.esp can be disabled as new records referencing all of NPCA's assets were created).


If you wish, you can technically turn lydia into a dragon,  or a goat, or a mudcrab,  but I haven't implemented the ai data for them to move around just yet.

As I am trying to gear this for everyone I have utilized the .tes5pas method as I can then utilize the NMM download button rather than having users manually move files themselves.


Instructions on how to install and how to patch is provided as a text file.

Note:  You may have to set Tes5edit and ModOrganizer to run as administrators for .tes5pas scripts to work.  If all else fails you can move all of the .pas scripts into your "edit scripts" folder and run it the old fashioned way.


you can download the github repo: here and can treat the zip file as a mod.


Thanks for taking the time to read and test this out!



Added Since Posting:

 - Ability to choose the override record of the NPC you want your visuals transferred to.   

This allows:

 - Ability to Transfer the same NPC's visuals from another esp to itself.  Useful for when you have certain non-visual enhancements on your NPC that you don't want to lose because of a mesh/texture override. (or you just want to make sure that your NPCs have their non-visual modifications applied to them.)

-  Set up an automatic facegen replacement system for NMM users.  So now as long as you remove the npcs I manage with my script before modifying them any further through NMM then the system is now automated for you as well!

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So I have devised a way for NMM users to now be able to use this tool.


From a functional standpoint NMM users can now do anything a MO user can do. 


From a management point of view I got nothing, but instead I timestamp every transfer and create and fill backup FaceGenData folders with both overwritten and overriding facegendata, with each folder matching a timestamps.  That way if something accidentally gets overwritten, you only need to find the date and time of your transfer and you can quickly grab the backup version.  


I set up an automatic facegen replacement system.  So now as long as you remove the npcs I manage with my script before modifying them any further through NMM then the system is now automated for you as well!

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