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Deformed terrain textures



Hi guys,


I have a bug or a mod conflit that deform some of the terrain textures (grass, dirt, gravel...).


The texture looks like stretched and repeated :




I tried to launch the game without some mods (SRO, Serious HD...) but it's still there. On the vanilla game there is no bug, the same textures are fine.


Of course I followed the mod order from the STEP guide, created a Bashed patch, run Loot before playing, etc, and all that through Mod Organizer. I'm using the STEP extended version with the "STEP Combined Plugins patch" because I don't have all the extended mods installed.


Anyone knows this bug ? can you guys help me ?

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Indeed ! I did some changes on the INI in order to make Realistic Water Two work with an ENB preset with parallax, before I removed it but without reset the changes on the INI.


I just installed the lastest version of ENB with cleaned INI and everything is fine.


Thanks a lot !



OFF-TOPIC (sorry for twisting the topic).


I have installed ENBoost (just d3d9.dll, enbhost.exe, enblocal.ini), then I wanted to add the SMAA injector, so I did that and modified the [PROXY] in enblocal.ini, but it seems that the SMAA is not working.

Do I need the full installation of ENB (not just ENBoost) for running SMAA ?

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Of course, I have downloaded this archive, extract it in the Skyrim directory and rename d3d9 to smaa_d3d9.dll.


With those lines in enblocal.ini, the injector should be working, but it doesn't. That's why I was thinking maybe the full ENB installation is required to make ENB and SMAA work together.
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Yeah, I have the four files required : smaa_d3d3.dll, injector.ini, SMAA.fx, SMAA.h, in the Skyrim directory.


I just reinstall ENB and SMAA properly and it works. Don't know what was the problem but the anti-aliasing is clearly visible when I press the "Pause" key on my keyboard, when it doesn't before the new installation.


I'm just running ENBoost v0.269 and the lastest version of SMAA injector (linked above).


Thanks for your helps, guys, really appreciate that. And for all your works on the awesome STEP Guide.



Wish you a great week-end !

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