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TES5Edit backup help...



So... i started cleaning skyrim with tes5edit (yes i know don't clean skyrim.esm) and it's making 2 back up's 1 outside the backups folder in my overwrite section and one inside... the one in the folder is called (for example) "update.esm backup XXXX" (where X Is the date) and the other one is the original name of the file... the differently named one seem to be a larger file... thanks :)

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If you are following the STEP method of cleaning plugins, or you have watched the GamerPoets videos on doing this, what should happen is the file in question: Update.esm, will be cleaned and that original file will be renamed as the backup and the new clean version will REPLACE the existing file.


Is that what you are seeing? If so there is no problem.

If, on the other hand, you see the backup file AND a cleaned file in your overwrite folder then that is something that needs to be checked.

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