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Some weapons seem incredibly cheap

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Which I'm assuming is due to some misinstallation of the compatibility patches....


Currently the missile launcher (21bc), spiked knuckles (2bc), switchblade (4bc) and  m3a1 'grease gun' (8 bc) are the ones I've found that seem underpriced, especially when compared to the .44 magnum (619bc) and assault rifle (372bc). I'm not sure it any other weapons have this issue as I haven't explored other weapon shops yet...


I ended up not installing several of the weapons (20th century, and the ACR/other zealotlee's stuff) as I felt the selection was already extensive enough, and also didn't install the compatibility patches that related only to those packs, could this be the issue?

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First, don't forget that the condition of a weapon affects it's value. If the weapons you are looking at have a lot of wear they could easily be quite cheap.


If there is still a problem, I looked and found none of the mods or compatibility patches in my plugins change the value field for those weapons. For example, take a look in FO3Edit at the Switchblade (FormID 000289C3 in Skyrim.esm. It has a value of 35 when fully repaired.) in your game and see if you find something that changes it. 

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