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Drag and drop function in LOOT not working


I'm trying to create a meta rule to load AOS.esp after ADS.esp.



I am following the STEP instructions below, but when I drag AOS.esp into the Load After window (step 5), it doesn't appear there. Clicking Apply doesn't result in the meta rule of AOS loading after ADS. It looks to me that I am following the instructions, so I'm unclear as to what the problem is. I do have AOS and Show only conflicting plugins checked.



reating meta rules

To create a LOOT meta rule:

  1. Launch LOOT through Mod Organizer.
  2. Click Sort Plugins.
  3. Select the plugin requiring lower loading (when a plugin is loaded lower than another plugin, it wins the conflict).
  4. (REQUIRED FOR DRAG & DROP FUNCTIONALITY IN NEXT STEP) Toward top right, tick the Show only conflicting plugins box. The list of plugins will be much shorter as only conflicting plugins are shown.
  5. Drag and drop the conflicting plugin into the Load After window.
  6. Click Apply. The load order will be dynamically reordered applying the rule just created.
  7. Click Apply again to accept the new load order.

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LOOT version?

Any chance of a screenshot of what you see while you're trying to drag n drop?

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