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MO putting mods clutching mods together for no apparent reason



Hi all!


So the new MO (1.3.1) has a feature where it puts mods together. It seems the intent is to stack expansions and patches of a mod under one banner, which is a really neat feature. However, for some reason, my MO creates an inexplicable one of these, and put several seemingly unrelated mods together.


Currently it calls itself "Bashed Patch" (previously "Amber" due to a mod called Amber Guard which I removed), and the mods included here is:


Fuz Ro Doh

Smart Souls

Tobes Highres Textures

Moss Rocks

Stahlrim of Skyrim


Septim HD

Detailed Rugs


REGS (the patch, I think)


TES5Edit Backups (the folder STEP recommends for the backups)

FNIS Output

Bashed Patch

DSR Output


Now, in this thingie, they are sorted by priority, so it's not an issue that changes the functionality of MO, it's just immensly annoying, and there seems to be no explaination for it.


If someone could explain why it does this and/or how to remove it, that would be just great!





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