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  1. Sweet thanks! Did a search for this puzzle, but that might just be the most immersionbreaking opt-out of a quest.
  2. Hey all! See the screenshot. Is it a bug that one can no longer see the palm? Or is this a mod that I didn't notice had this effect in STEP? Or is a SE thing? Or something completly different? ~Sincerely Halde
  3. I fixed it lol, it was litteraly because the folder title didn't say "meshes". I had no idea the title mattered in the MO installation, thought it scanned for files. Thanks for the answer Tech!
  4. Yes! Well I tried just putting random .nif files in the root directory, because I assumed that as well, however this didn't change it. This is a ss of the folder structure, in each "end folder" is a number of .nif's, usually 2-4. This isn't the entire folder, the root folder "Meshes Temp" contains 8 other folders below, these just didn't fit the screen.
  5. Hi all! I've during the process of installing Ecotone Dual Sheath, and just generated meshes in xEdit. I'm following a guide, which I will link, that tells me to install the meshes created through a mod manager. When I try to install the meshes created, MO tells me it is not setup correctly and doesn't contain any assets, even though filled with .nif files. Even if I put these at data directory. Can someone perhaps help me with how to install this in MO, so it will recognize it and thus use the meshes. The guide is the top post in this link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17763?tab=posts ~Sincerely Halde
  6. Is lower fps more noticeable on 144 Hz screens? I run the game on a laptop (my only computer), and runnning between 35-50 FPS in exterior (30-35 in aspen), which is smooth running. Maybe I'm just not used to running 100 FPS on a high end screen, but on my own, it's hard to tell a difference between 40-50 and 90-100 fps.
  7. I thought so, I was originally going to just make it about the redbelly mine mod (since there are actual dialogue in the game that becomes void with USSEP), but I thought the whole list might be of interest. Thanks!
  8. Hey all! I fell before this reddit post recently, and wanted to share the link for consideration. Basically it lists some mods, that try to fix some changes that USSEP introduces by changing parts of the game not meant to be changed. I'm only using the Redbelly Mine mod, since I was unsure whether Vanilla Purist Patch would complicate my STEP installment. I know this isn't the typical mod suggestion, so if an admin sees this, feel free to move it, this sub-forum just made the most sense to me. I just wanted to make aware of the post, since the mods posted, seem to go hand in hand with the mandate of STEP, as I understand it, and perhaps changes by USSEP doesn't. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/usamua/unarthmoored_ussep_compendium/ ~Best regards Halde
  9. I have this installed but it's not working. It's obviously nod a huge deal given the nature of the mod, but my esc menu opens at quests consistently. No idea why though, I have nothing that should override it further down the list i believe. I have it installed as a normal mod would be in MO2, in the Fixes tab of the STEP guide.
  10. Is this specific to the ENB used by STEP, or is this an issue with the ENB engine (or what it is called, the files put into the root game folder)?
  11. Thanks both of you! And yes I mean EVT, just ****ed up in my memory due to using the Lush Trees option IIRC.
  12. If I install something like Happy Little Trees, should this go instead of Lush Trees in the guide, or just on top off? I think it looks really great
  13. That sounds great, thanks for answer!
  14. Hey all! I completed STEP for the second time, this time it seems to be running smooth, so that great! I'm wondering however, if there is a way to tweak the brightness in mountain shadows, I assume from EVLaS? It's very dark during the day in a mountains shadow, dark enough that I feel like i need a torch equipped, which is neither vanilla nor realistic. If not, I'm considering removing EVLaS, even though it's really great when there actually is light going through objects. ~Best regards Halde
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