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Alternatives to KS Hairdos

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Apachii is the only one on the Nexus. SG is also good but rare/not found on Nexus.


Problem with Apachii (for me) is its very... unrealistic and doesn't match vanilla very well. That was the plus side of KS.


In any case, KS is now removed from SR:LE. I may try Apachii 1.6 as I haven't yet and supposedly its more realistic / less shiny.

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Apachii is a bit like that, yes. It has become better but still has a few not really period styles. There's some good ones in there, though.


That's why I like KS and SG both bit more lore friendly. 


We really do need someone to sit down and do something like KS again.

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I think all three are pretty goofy (i.e., they belong more on the cover of Harlequin Romance books) - but do look nice.  Also, you don't really need 200-400 of them as it's just your character who has the hair for the most part.  Still, even if they are not my cup of tea, I can see others might really like this.  I wonder if going for an HDT PE style hair might not be the best route - the dynamic hair looks pretty interesting and is more lore friendly than salon style - at least IMO.

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Great minds think alike. I was going to use that HDT hair mod this time too.


*And I usually go through KS and SG by hand and toss a few out anyway before I rearchive and install. Takes a bit of time but worth it in the end I find.*


I just find the relative lack of choice and the pretty average poly count on some of the vanilla hair a bit blah...

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If you don't fear going on the site "that shall not be named", there's also Morten Hairs and zzjay's hairstyles which are nice and do not add 200+ hairs and 1gb-2gb of textures unlike SG and KS (they're around 300 Mb each). I find Morten Hairs to be particularly good, well converted, and it also has proper .tri files unlike pretty much all other mod which means you can even morph it ingame with RaceMenu 3.0. I should be probably mention that like SG, the reason it's hosted there and not on nexus is because the permissions are not really "nexus-worthy".

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