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  1. Well I think that was my problem. Haven't had any CTDs since activating
  2. Is it possible that having all the Vividian ENB installed, but not activating ENB would cause CTD? Now that I have that working, I don't seem to be having any more CTDs when exiting indooe spaces.
  3. I apparently never turned activated it.
  4. I am having CTD issues when transitioning to outdoor spaces. I don't get any error messages. Is there some place I can go to see a log so I can get some idea which mod may be causing the crash?
  5. Shift+Enter doesn't seem to be working.
  6. This is going to sound like a stupid question. I have never used an ENB. I have things set up the the way the SR guide says to and I am now ready to play. Do I need to do anything special for ENB to start the game, or do I use the SKSE executable in MO as I always have?
  7. I was wondering which version of Immersive Patrols should be used? The SRLE guide was a little ambiguous and only says Version: 2.0.3 (Aggressive).
  8. I was eventually able to find it, but I had to really dig and am currently running it through multiple scans to try make sure it is safe.
  9. I am working on installing Skyrim Revisited and came to KS Hairdos. I can not find a copy of this mod available anywhere. It seems it was pulled due to possible copy right issues. Anyone have an alternative?
  10. I am doing the memory patch, STEP Extended, Survival Pack, Weather & Lightning Pack, Requiem Pack, and Falskaar and the other extended world mod like it. I have been running for probably 10 hours and have yet to have any problems except for it getting choppy if I leave chrome open in the background.
  11. Is there a list of what changes were made to the races? Is there a list of what changes were made to the races? EDIT N/M I found the descriptions in game.
  12. Ok, I just didn't see it at the bottom of the wiki. Thanks
  13. When you say guide, do you mean the Requiem manual or something else?
  14. Smile, I was looking at the Pack and it says The Paarthurnax Dilemma needs a patch and see note above, except I don't see any note about the mod.
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