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General STEP Question



I'm just getting started with STEP, and I'm roughly no-where near finished (this is seriously taking a LONG time!).  I came across a suggestion, and had a question about it.


1)  Is there a place to look to see why certain things are suggested by STEP?

2)  Is there a reason Serious HD Retexture Skyrim LANDSCAPE 1024 is recommended over 2K 3.0 beta?

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From the STEP Mandate:

STEP:Core is NOT about ...

... mods that have a high performance penalty

This is the best reason I can find for the baseline being fairly "middle of the road".

Most of the mods give Skyrim a major facelift without degrading performance. Depending on your system you can easily get away with all the higher res options.


You can also see the discussion thread for almost all the mods by clicking the W icon after the mod name, which will open the wiki page, then clicking the "forum" link near the top.

Be warned, some of those threads are quite long, and don't always explain exactly why certain options are recommended.

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