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Mature skin texture and body - Too dark face



Im using mature skin texture and body and I love it, but for some reason face is much darker than rest of the body, whitout ENB it looks simply grayer than normal body. Is there a way to fix this or do I need to find completely new textures? I would like to avoid this sence these are best I have seen.

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I don't know which version you're using but some of the older ones (version 1 and earlier v2 betas) had a quite gray-ish face, that was not a bug. A pretty easy fix would be to open the diffuse map in paint.net / GIMP / PS (need .dds plugin for the last 2), increase the red channel by around 10, save (as .dds obviously, and check generate mip-maps). Might need a bit of fiddling because if there's a too big color discrepancy you'll get a neck seam, but still not too bad.

Otherwise I think last beta versions are not that anymore, but the look is very different and that's some uber high res stuff (8k body diffuse / 4k face) so if you don't resize them it could be tough on your vram / gfx card.

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