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  1. Will there be new release anytime soon? There seems to be quite meny new mods out there, specially for graphics.
  2. Im using mature skin texture and body and I love it, but for some reason face is much darker than rest of the body, whitout ENB it looks simply grayer than normal body. Is there a way to fix this or do I need to find completely new textures? I would like to avoid this sence these are best I have seen.
  3. Thank you so much. Here is after screenshot
  4. If you take a look of this Screenshot You may notice how plain the terrain looks. I cant figure out anything to make it less meh. Do you think there is some mod missing or why does it just look like this. I know this is little too less info about the matter but if you have specific question about sertain ini values or something, please ask. Mods & Ini's: https://modwat.ch/Muusa
  5. Everything seems to be working guite fine now. Here are still my INI files taken from MO. Skyrim Ini skyrimprefs.ini
  6. For reason X game says it cant run enbhost.exe and I cant even find any enbhost.exe from files but then again ENB is working from the root now. removed all the old enb files, now vsync works and fps limiter works. For some reason with 45-55 fps:s it doesnt seems smooth. Maybe its in my eyes =) What can NVIDIA Inspector bring in the game? And thank you for your help
  7. I agree with you, I will install it whitout enb manager. Now Im just not sure witch files I shoud remove from skyrim folder. I assume, sence I use MO I localte Vividian ENB folder, And copy paste Vividian ENB Install files to root of skyrim. Correct? Im sorry it did take long to ansfer, I do 24hour shifts so I was at work. EDIT: And I dont use Nvidia Inspector. VRAM 4096 + 16gb RAM
  8. Enbkuva enblocal.ini Enbseries.ini Sorry about pic. service seems to scale it down. Tell me if you need bigger one so I can find new plase to upload it.
  9. I make changes to ini files but they dont work inside the game. When I recheck the ini, it is correct with my settings on it. But again no effect ingame.
  10. I am using CoT. I can live with other thing but not having [TIMEOFDAY] as my liking is bit of a dawnfall. OFC I would love working vsyc and fps limit but thats a small thing in big picture.
  11. Dragon King, How can I pre sure about that? Afterall my ENB seems to be running correctly.
  12. I know that much. Main thing was that could 3th party programs be the issue. This is excatly my point here: I have no idea what so ever why does't my settings transfer to ingame? I havent found any solution and Im kinda lost. Thats why I am asking help =) But ofc your point is valid, I was thinking it shoudnt have anything to do with resolution that you can confirm. So one thing is crossed from the list.
  13. You mean by Nvidia drivers? No, I havent. Isnt it more that ENB shoud handle those. + it has other important values allso that I would like to get working.
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