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Help with LOOT: I need a plugin to load before another





Oh damn... I'm sorry... I just noticed I posted this at the wrong section. 


I should have posted it at https://forum.step-project.com/forum/18-other-modding-utilities-support/


Is it possible to transfer a thread from one place to another? 




Original post: 



I have several mods, among them:


Extensible followers framework (Which has EFFcore.esm and EFFDialogue.esp)




A simple marriage mod.esp





The mod author of "A simple marriage" suggests in the description that his mod is to be loaded before follower AI mods.  But LOOT is placing my load order in the following way:


EFFcore.esm  (at position 10)

A simple marriage mod.esp (at position 35)

EFFdialogue.esp (at position 60) 


I noticed there's no option to set "Load before" in LOOT (Boss had it).  

LOOT has only "Load After". 



Even though that's not quite what I wanted, I tried to set "EFFcore.esm" to load after "A simple marriage mod.esp", but I get this error:


ERROR: Failed to calculate the load order. 

DETAILS: Cyclic interaction detected between plugins "EFFcore.esm" and "A simple marriage mod.esp".

BACK CYCLE: A simple marriage mod.esp, EFFcore.esm



How do I set a plugin to load before another? Thank you in advance

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The way I tend to do that is: let LOOT sort the plugins where LOOT sorts them. When LOOT's done its thing, I look at the load order it's given me, and if there's anything that sticks out as not quite where I want it, I just move it my hand.


But you can use the Set Metadata in LOOT to ensure one plug in loads after as many others as you want, using the 'Load After' tab on the Set Metadata screen.

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Hi there Nozzer.


As I said, I have tried using "Load after" but it doesn't work properly in this scenario. 


About the manual change of the load order, I try my best to avoid doing that. For 2 reasons:


1) I might forget about keep doing it in the future

2) By moving X mod further down in the load order to be before/after Y mod, I might create compatibilities issues with some other "Z mod" that I could not predict. That's why I prefer to say to the program "I would like this mod before this one... is it possible?" and let the report tell me how safe it is to do so. 



Still, I appreciate the help. 


Thank you

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You can eyeball the files that overwrite and are overwritten. But I take your point.


If 'Load after' isn't working I really don't know what else there is to say. Other than it is possible to put multiple plugins in the Load After so that A loads after B, C, D, E and F...




In your situation, you won't be able to load an ESM AFTER an ESP anyway. It just can't be done, as the game will always load ESM's first.  If the marriage mod wont work then you may need to make a patch. I've not used either mod enough to be sure about how they work together, I'm afraid. If that's giving you that error, It'll be something to do with your Loot rule trying to overwrite the masterlist in such a way that it cant resolve it. SO you get the cyclic warning cause you want A after B but the masterlist has it set that B should be after A. 

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