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Skyrim Misc Patches Collection

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Skyrim Misc Patches Collection doesn't always play well with the Unofficial Patches, additionally, since it doesn't has a universal appeal or a large team working on it, it is prone to having some serious bugs/errors pass through into released version. As a former user of the collection, I suffered a corrupt terrain edit in the Solitude Lighthouse area and TBH, that cooled my enthusiasm for the fixes offered in the mod.


Now, having stated this, some of my problems with SMPC can also be said about USP/et al. But, the larger team for the Unofficial Patches and its popular almost universal usage helps keep most catastrophic problems in check.


Arthmoor's attitude isn't necessarily shared by me either, concerning SMPC, in fact I think he is somewhat hypocritical about his stance on things and doesn't take constructive criticisms all that well either when it comes to "fixes" that aren't really fixes or that break stuff.

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