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- i like the total war series from rome to shogun II a lot.

- i more or less grew up playing age of empires (yep, not that old yet xD).

- i like playing assassin's creed but single player and xbox only. i never had the internet connection/bandwidth to do multiplayer unfortunately and of course money is an issue there.

- i love the LOTR-based games in general but imho they tend to become worse than better.

- spellforce is a game i've finished once in total (I and II plus expansions) and i liked it a lot.

- empire earth gave me some good times, too.

- Red Dead Redemption is the best cowboy-based game imo.

- I like soccer games for consoles like PES or FIFA.

- and of course TES since morrowind are some of my favorite games.

- plus various and lots of other interesting games, not all of them very well made but most of them fun (eg. Dante's Inferno)


I'ld love to have had the time to play all the games i wanted but unfortunately i didn't finish a whole lot of the ones i bought over a half a year ago (like arkham city). maybe my kids won't have to spend their pocket money for video games for several years ;-D

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Now that I've done a reinstall of my OS and did a bunch of house err... computer cleaning I wii load Resident Evil, Raccoon City and play around with it for a change of pace.




Once my new video cards come in the mail (should be by the end of the week) I'm planning on reloading BF3. Before that I played a LOT of Dragon Age: Origins... don't even get me started on the trainwreck that was Dragon Age 2. I also played Medieval Total War and Civ IV. I was playing SW:TOR but I just found I didn't have the time anymore to dedicate to an MMO style game even though I enjoy them.

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I wish I had more time to play some of the games I've purchased. I often wonder why I have a job if I'm not going to ever enjoy the money I make. At least half of my Steam games have never even been downloaded and installed.


anyways, I play quite a bit of Mass Effect 3, the multiplayer is quite addictive and the free maps and characters keep me hooked.

I played some Kotor 2 recently because of TSLRP mod, which restores some of the content that was cut from the game, but for some reason the assets were left on the discs.

I just finished Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet after it was released on PC, the art style is cool and the game is fun, but a bit short.

I played about an hour of the new Ghost Recon with a friend and had a blast with it's co-op.

Ofcourse, I've played TESV a bit here and there as new mods have popped up, but I'm taking a bit of a break since I'm going to update to 1.6 and add in a bunch of mods I've been eyeing for a while very soon.

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Well, there are three categories:


First, games I'm gonna check out very likely and I hope that they live up to the expectation:

1. Mass Effect Series

2. Max Payne 3


Second, games I enjoyed recently (which are quite few, and apart Skyrim ):

1. Dragon Age 1 (played it on XBox, very nice made RPG, Dragon Age 2 was horrible, never played it through)

2. Risen 2: Dark Waters (as you will see later, the best PC RPG series of all time, together with Elder Scrolls series)

3. Alan Wake (although it was boring very soon)


At last, games I was really into and which I played for hours and hours (some of them more than 100 hours)

1. Morrowind (cannot judge Skyrim atm but this one was far better than Oblivion)

2. Gothic 1 & 2 + Add-on/Risen series (especially the Gothic series by the German company Piranha Bytes is a game you should check out, my first 3D-RPG and in some points superior to Elder Scrolls)

3. Rome: Total War (played with every faction, really great game, still love it)

4. Spellforce 1 + Add-ons (don't know if I try Spellforce 2 but I liked the game a lot)

5. Age of Empires 1 & 2 (even I was a child once, still a good game)

6. Heroes of Might and Magic III (a classic one)

7: Zelda series (not a PC game, my favourite is A link to the past, they really tried to bring immersion to 2D games, finished it several times)

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Now that I've done a reinstall of my OS and did a bunch of house err... computer cleaning I wii load Resident Evil' date=' Raccoon City and play around with it for a change of pace.[/quote']

OMG!!!!:facepalm: I don't believe that happened (wii) !!!:facepalm: This is a mistake BIG time. I need to spell check my posts!!!! I must have been taken over by a wii demon. I swear I DO NOT play console games. I appoligize to the community.

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Well my number one game ever is CIVILIZATION IV (with Rhye's and Fall of Civilization mod) and Simcity 4 (Heavily moded), but since Skyrim was released the memory of those games including all others started to fade rapidly :D


I kinda remember having good time playing Starcraft and Warcraft series


I think I also spent around 500-600 hours on Oblivion but unfortunetly I never had Morrowind


That's it for my top games ;)

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Best games I ever played to death :lol:



  • Planescape Torment - Number 1 of all time :yes:
  • Baldurs Gate II

  • The Elder Scrolls series

  • Thief series
  • Deus Ex series

  • Starcraft and Warcraft

  • Portal series

  • Mass Effects series
I own and love but have yet to really put in the hours on

  • Half Life series
  • Bioshock series
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Other than TES (at least until this year) I am really an MMORPG gamer.

[That has included: EQ, EQ2, GW, Vanguard, WoW, AoC, LotRO]


Unfortunately, due to the dire 'shallow' state of modern MMOs generally there is nothing myself and my Guild have active :( Very depressing tbh.


So... pushed into the loneliness of the long distance solo gamer I've been amusing myself with Kingdoms of Amalur (RIP 38 Studios & *Copernicus*), Diablo 3, and of course Skyrim. I can't really enjoy FPSs anymore as the reflexes just aren't there :P Anyway I like to immerse and 'live' my games rather than just consume them.

A list of previously played would pretty much echo Frihyland's with just a few additions, so I won't bother :)

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