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Skyfalls Question

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According to the guide I should have a SkyFalls + SkyMills Total edition.esp so that I can do the BOSS master list sort but I am not getting that esp when I install the mod. anyone know why?

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Skyfalls updated. It's called something else now.



1. Install the new one and sort it yourself with BUM or manually.

2. Find the old version.

3. Skip it.

4. Do a little jig and wait a couple of weeks for it to land into the BOSS masterlist. I know jigs historically is danced at the end of a show, but in this case you are free to do it before.

5. Rename what you get from the new FOMOD to what is listed on step. Never done this so don't know how it will work out.

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No, you shouldn't have a "SkyFalls + SkyMills Total edition.esp" you should have a "SkyFalls + SkyMills + DG + DB + FS + WT.esp" that you place in the masterlist after the "SkyFalls + SkyMills Total edition.esp" entry in the masterlist.

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No, well yes, but what I meant was that the actual .esp has changed name as of the latest update. It's called something like SkyfallsSkymills + DG + DB + something.esp. The content, update aside, is the same.


What you can do is download version 3.2 FOMOD version. Select the options that correspond to your STEP setup plus these:


Realistic Water Two (Default)

1,5x Vanilla (Default)


(double-check these as I am writing this on top of my head)


The result is an .esp called SkyFalls + SkyMills + DG + DB + WT.esp you manually place, or use BUM, AFTER SkyFalls + SkyMills Total edition.esp (which is the old name) in the master list.



Sniped by Neovalen :D

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What do you mean it won't recognize it? Just type the small waterfalls esp name into the top left box and the one you want it to sort after in the box below that. Check save rule and sort via BOSS.

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