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Forum Group Membership & STEP Staffing Roles


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We recently updated our defined site staffing roles if any qualified members are interested in helping out. Qualified members are level-headed persons that have relatively "thick skin", lawful-neutral attitudes, sufficient time in as contributing members of the STEP community, and some extra time to help out.


Please follow the instructions below if you are interested in helping out in a tester or wiki staff role. If you happen to be interested in a forum staff role, please PM me or one of the other senior admin (or STEP Staff) ... see the Forum Team Page to see who these persons are.


To all community members:


We have recently updated out forum group membership specs to allow users to "opt in" to applicable groups of interest:

  • Mod Testers
  • Wiki Developers
  • Wiki Staff
  • Mod Authors
Any member can do this via their profile page (access via menu at top-right):


Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image


Note that certain groups can be freely joined (once approved) and freely left.


We welcome anyone that chooses to opt into one of our staff groups, as we can use your help!

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