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Combing multiple esp in on 7zip question



Hey folks,


So I finally finished my mod list on mod organizer and realized that there were multiple mods with just a single esp.


So my question is: Is it possible to combine multiple esp's into one file?


For example, I would place the moon tweak esp, chimney esp, and lanterns all in one esp in one folder and archive it.


Can I than normally install that one file which includes all the esp?

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Hey thanks for the response Garfink, but I wasnt thinking about merging the files as one in TES5Edit.


I was thinking more about combing the two or three esp's in one archive file.


So basically, copy three different esp (which are standalone) and put them in one folder named skyrim chimney, moon tweaks, and lanterns all in one and 7 zip it as one file.


In the folder it would look like this,


.5 masses.esp

.5 secundos.esp



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I think our thought process are in complete different places.

If I am reading your comment correctly, I am guessing you think my question is about merging the esp into one with TES5EDIt, which its not.


All I want to do is simply move multiple single esp's (which include no texture/meshes etc) into one folder to archive so I can install it on my mod Organizer.


The reason why I am doing this , is because I want to shorten my mod list.


Instead of having 5 mods on my list that only contain 1 esp


I could eliminate those 5 mods on the list and make them into one file (not merging, just in one folder) thus, reducing the mod list.


Hopefully you understand what I am trying to say.

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