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Purple textures everywhere !



I have just finish install STEP 2.1 and when I test it, it seems I have missing textures. I don't think it's vram because it does even during loading screen and in the inventory. I don't know what to do except reinstall everything (which will be very very long :( ). Here is some screenshots I take :


In the cornered rat :





in dovakiin hideout :




in whiterun house :




What do you think about it ?

Thank you


PS : Sorry for my english.

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I think there can be a possibility of UV mapping problems if any of the optimizer re-size the "wrong" textures. I guess it has to do with how the mapping was done ? I'm not that well experienced in this area but noticed the same problem with a nail mod I use, the DDSopt shrank the textures of that mod and that made all the colors pink.

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Yes, there will for sure be certain mods that give that result when DDSOPT'd, and info on which would be greatly appreciated for the wiki. :) If you look through the main DDSOPT thread you'll see we worked out the files in the standard Skyrim - Textures.bsa that show up as purple if optimized with DDSOPT, but I don't think any info has been posted as of yet when it comes to files in specific mods.

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I found the error, not really, but I localized it. After deleting and make a fresh install (thank god, I have it in dvd), I always had the problem. So I took a look at the ini files and saw they were unchanged since I installed STEP. So I deleted them. Guess what, no problem anymore... I have deleting all for nothing... But I know I have to be careful with ini files now \o/

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