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Wiki Page Requests



I would like to start a thread on requests, suggestions and recommendations for new wiki pages that is open to everyone. This thread should hopefully act as a seed for ideas and brainstorming. If you would like to see something on the wiki, but are either too busy or not knowledgeable enough on the subject, you can post a request here. Hopefully this will spawn a new thread around the idea where the potential page can be discussed in more detail and expanded.


Suggestions and comments about wiki pages that already exist should not be posted here but in the relevant thread for that wiki page.


I don't expect there to be a need for many wiki pages, especially since the current quality is very high and covers most of what is at the moment necessary in my opinion. I also understand that people are also busy with other projects. Therefore this thread can also act as a filter, separating what should be in the wiki from topics that are not necessary.


Ill kick this off then.


1. Performance Guide

- Already suggested by z92 in the Good Performance Hunting thread.


2. Mod Testing Guide

- Suggested by me, sort of, a good practice guide for either testing a mod to recommend for step, or to test a mod for step if TC would like help


3. Mod Review Guide

- pretty much the same as the guidelines for reviews/ suggestions that exist for the forums, but fleshed out.


4. Nvidia Settings

- already detailed in the STEP guide, but could use some pictorial backup, as well as some more info about various Nvidia Inspector options. ATI CCC is up on the wiki, so maybe this should be as well. Not too sure though.


Those are the ideas I have at the moment. Personally I would like to get to work on the wiki page for mod testing, probably today at some point. Let me know what you think, and if you have any further ideas!

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I'll be writing the Mod Testing Guide after I finish the Installation Guide.




  • It will include a few dozen saves for taking standardized screenshots and video from around the world
  • Tutorials for creating animated gif's for static comparisons and video for dynamic comparisons.
  • A tutorial to TESVEdit and/or TESVGecko (or a workaround) for comparing mod edits and especially identifying conflicts and possible resolutions.
  • A tutorial for putting all this information you've gathered into a useful format as a Review or Wiki page.
More to come, suggestions welcome.
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Gentlemen, although this is a good discussion regarding the save games, I would like to keep this thread based on Wiki Page Suggestions. Since the save game idea has been incorporated into the mod testing guide, please post any further discussion regarding the topic in the Mod Testing Guide thread. That or create a new thread somewhere else :) Thanks!

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