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It's not Fallout 4, it's not TES VI either. It's...


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IIRC, then there's two separate Beth related things going on. One was the hyped-up teaser build up for The Evil Within. The other is just an announcement that Skyrim development has ceased so they can focus on their next big project, which they haven't even hinted at, and could still be anything. We might not hear any more about that for a long time.

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TES 6 supporting 64-bit, DX11+, and modding with a brand new engine built from the ground up. Toss in actual beast like races and its golden.


I doubt it though... likely FO4 with a slightly modded Sky rim engine.

+1 to both.
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As for the OP, I was at work (as it often happens when I browse STEP forums ;) ), I read the note quickly, got excited and posted here hastily :)


I hope FO4 will kick bottoms! This is my favourite series, although I was little disappointed with FNV.

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I bet Fallout 4 has been in development since they finish working on Fallout 3 DLC and that they are probably big enough to develop two games concurrently. I'm guessing that it will just be a DX10/11 gamebryo engine that they say is built from the ground up.

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