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Whiterun bug



Started a new game.. First time entering Whiterun. Adrianne Avenecci (the smith) is supposed to have a quick conversation with a dude (don't remember who exactly) when you go there for the first time. She's having a conversation..but with herself.. the man it's even in face of her he's just not there... Something created this bug.. maybe someone had the same experience and could share a fix?


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The most likely cause is that you are using the Wet & Cold mod and it is raining the moment you enter Whiterun (Adrianne Avenicci should be wearing a cowl if this is the case). 


It's not really a bug, just the way the scripts form W&C work which has a weird result in this case. 


From the mod description page: Civilian NPCs will return to their homes once it starts raining. Adults will walk briskly. Children will run. Argonians, beggars and working class NPCs will remain outdoors. If an NPC doesn't live nearby he/she will go to the inn.


So the Battle-Born dude is at home because he's a Civilian NPC while ms. Avenicci simply equips her silly hat and starts the triggered conversation because she's a working class NPC.

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It's a known issue by the author but he says it can't be fix. He does recommend turning off the "Go Home" feature as a possible solution for any of these types of problems. This feature instructs NPCs to go home when a blizzard starts or it starts raining. If the NPC doesn't have a home, they will go to the nearest inn. Argonians, beggars and working class NPCs will remain outdoors in these conditions. This is why Adrianne Avenecci remains; talking to herself, while the other guy is missing if it is raining. Adrianne is a "working class" NPC and will remain outdoors while the other guy has either returned home or is in the inn.

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