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Question about STEP 2.B Utilities



Hey folks,


I am not clear if I should be installing all of these and running each of them before progressing any further in the STEP process.  STEP simply says that they "aid in Skyrim mod management."


At this point in the STEP process, I haven't yet installed any mods.


I have installed and run BOSS, BOSS Userlist Manager, Mod Organizer, and TES5Edit (to clean dirty files).


I have also installed DDSopt and Skyrim Performance Monitor, but haven't done anything with them (currently confused about how and when to use DDSopt). 


I just downloaded Optimizer Textures and am considering whether to run it now or not, presumably to optimize vanilla Skyrim textures before installing any mods. There's no STEP guide outlining best practices though for use of Optimizer Textures, so I am not really sure if it's appropriate for me to use it at this point, and how best to use it. The readme file for OT has pretty basic instructions for usage. Currently reading the forum for the app on Nexus, but that's a piecemeal way of getting info.

Can anyone advise on when and how to best use Optimizer Textures?



So, in general, advice about what I should be doing with these utilities at this point would be welcomed.


Thanks a lot.

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You should use one of the mod managers to install the mods so yes they come first, also the optimizers are for the use with the textures and should probably be used before installing a bunch of stuff on top of the vanilla stuff. It is recommended that you follow the optimization guide to the letter if using DDSopt on the Skyrim vanilla textures and the HRDLC. TESVEDIT and BOSS are for after you install mods and are ready to clean the mods and put the esps in the right order.

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The STEP guide itself doesn't include optimization as it is fairly complex; only a portion of the users optimize textures. Just because a file is in the Utilities list doesn't mean you need to use it; this is a list of tools you might want to use.

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I defintely want to optimize textures. I game at a pretty huge resolution, and having completed the GPU-z log, I see my frames are averaging 39 pre-STEP. So, I'd like to use DDSopt and/or Optimizer Textures to make vanilla Skyrim as optimized as possible before I install mods.


Assuming that is a recommended way to go about things.


Is it an either-or choice between DDSopt and Optimizer Textures, or do folks use both?

I'd like to use whatever does the job best, if it's either/or. Currently confused about how to use DDSopt, but hopefully I'll get some help on these forums to my post concerning it.


EssArrBee-- that's kind of what I was thinking---use the optimizers on vanilla Skyrim pre: mod installation.


So, DDSopt or Optimizer Textures? (The fact that Optimizer Textures doesn't have a guide for best practices makes me hesitant to use it b/c I have no idea what I am doing.)

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