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How to align General and Dialogue subtitles to match each other?

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Hello, I'm using SovngardeNordic UI (without dialogue options) together with Dialogue Interface ReShaped and I found a strange behavior between general and dialogue subtitles. 

As you can see here:
    1) When there is only one line of subtitles: General and Dialogue. It can be seen that two subtitles doesn't match with each other. After checking I found that for General subtitles, one-line subtitles will be put on Subtitle Line 2; while for Dialogue, it will be put on Subtitle Line 1. So when entering or exiting conversation, one-line subtitles will jump from one position to another.
    2) When there is two lines of subtitles: General and Dialogue. Oddly the problem does not happen with two-line subtitles, both start from Subtitle Line 1 and their positions are matched with each other.

Beforehand, I have made some edits in attempt to match those two subtitles font size:
For Nordic UI I changed subtitle scale to 0.9 without changing the position. I believe this only affects general subtitle only.
For Dialogue Interface ReShaped, I change the font of dialogue subtitle in dialoguemenu.swf from 22 to 18.

The result was great. Now General and Dialogue has the same font size, the only issue is the problem I mentioned above. I have tested on both vanilla and using dialogue menu from Nordic UI but it seems that general and dialogue subtitles use two different font sizes and position settings. I checked the fontconfig.ini to see if there is any font overwriting but there is none. I also have read the Guide:UnderstandingFonts by Kesta and searched the forum but I found no record or mention of this issue. (I'm really sorry if I miss one)

Is there any way I put one-line general subtitles on Subtitle Line 1 or conversely, dialogue on Line 2 to match those subtitles? Is this a problem of Skyrim itself or it has something to do with my mods? These are the only mods from my mod list that could edit/adjust fonts and subtitles directly:

Dialogue Interface ReShaped

Thank you!

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I found the solution. Using JPEXS to decompile hudmenu.swf in Data/Interface, there is a script called "HUDMenu" in Scripts/__Packages/skyhud/. In line 465: this.SubtitleText.verticalAutoSize = "bottom";  I changed the text "bottom" to "top" and now both one-line and two-line subtitles start in Subtitle Line 1 which means they both match with each other.

This took me a day with trial and error to find out which edit the text holder as I'm not familiar with coding or scripting. Now I can sleep in peace.

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