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Troubles with SKSE 1.6.9



Has anyone run into any issues with the newest skse?  When I have it installed i crash right after character creation (with or without racemenu).  Alos, whenever I try and save a game it crahses after clicking save.  Reverting back to the previous skse seems to help about 95% of the time.  Any thoughts?  Any help greatly appreciated

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Possibly...honestly this caught me by surprise as i've never had issues with skse...If you guys come across anything please let me know.


Also, do you guys know where the best papyrus ini tweaks are located...I've run across a few but they all seem dated....thanks

best? Well the best would be: Stick to what STEP and the nvidia Skyrim tweaking guide recommend. The tweaks in there are the only tweaks which are so far approved by reliable sources for more than just a single setup with a single user's perception.

If you want the most extensive ini tweaks... well, google for 'em. if you have the time, check the various settings, do some benchmarks and see for yourself what works and what doesn't. And if you do so, you might as well share your findings with the rest of the community :-)

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