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Skyrim: Anniversary Edition Announced


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Talking about milking the cow... Bethesda has announced the n-th re-release of Skyrim, this time in order to celebrate 10 years of dragon-slaying and shouting "Fus-ro-dah" at parties (heh, it never gets old). 

It seems that the new feature will be all of the Creation Club content for free. (I must resist urge to make sarcastic comments here). 

So, whatever. If someone has missed out on SSE, they might want to wait for the next re-release. Let's hope it's SKSE64 compatible, or else it will be a flop. 

Here's a link: https://elderscrolls.bethesda.net/en/article/REybYU3Gy2InVlHmus4UC/skyrim-10th-anniversary-fan-celebration

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