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SVN/FTP Suggestion



Has anyone (not sure who this idea would go to, or who would be responsible for it), thought of setting up a SVN or FTP site for STEP?


The SVN or FTP would just include the latest changes to the STEP pdf. TC (since if I understand right is the only one who changes the pdf), could just setup a SVN or FTP client to automatically upload the contents of the folder to the site at a certain time in the day, say 12:00 PM or something, when he's done working on it. That would allow people to get changes on a daily basis, or however much TC works on STEP. (Not sure if he makes changes directly to the PDF, or saves random txt documents - no clue whatsoever; but you get the idea)


Reason is I for one would love to setup my Skyrim to look like the Facebook pic does atm. Whether TC, or anyone else deems STEP ready for the next update or not, isn't on my mind. I would love to just play the game and have it look that great (even if the STEP pdf is 'beta' if you will).


Not trying to be self centered here, but I would hazard a guess that there are many more out there like me who don't mind minor glitches to run the game at such a great level of detail and realism.


Hoping this is taken as a helpful idea, and don't come back to this post in a day or two to find me flamed and whatnot, but i'm incredibly anxious about this new update. That pic looks much better than any of the past updates imo.


P.S. Great work TC and everyone else who has put work into STEP. Follow it almost exclusively due to how well the game looks after followed. Thank you very much for everyone's time, and keep up the good work!

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Luckily that isn't too hard. Little php script to stop hotlinking and have a download counter that is saved right into the DB this forum uses. (I've always hosted my own sites/db's/servers so to me it's that easy. Not sure what hosting service you are using) - If you were to host any files on this site instead of Nexus.

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