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Also need guidance for STEP part 20


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Hi, please help as I need some guidance.

At the bottom of "20-Patches", under "Sorting and cleaning the new load order" it says:

"From this point on, users should:

  • Ensure all plugins are ticked in the right pane of MO

Please help me understand what this means.

I went through the list of plugins in the Plugins tab in the right pane of MO.

Only one of my .ESPs - Hearthfire-CRF-Patch.esp from HearthfireExtended - was unchecked. I went ahead and checked it.

However, there are a number of unchecked items that are "flagged as .ESLs" (according to MOs tooltip).

Should those be checked also? If so, did I do something wrong to cause them to be unchecked?

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