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Idiot here, a few issues near completing install process



I am at the "Finishing Line" part of the process right now, and for the love of me can't find how to set Global Priority, as far as I understand it's supposed to be in

LOOT (duh) -> Edit Metadata -> Main

but I don't see it there, there is probably a setting or something I have to turn on for it to show up, but I tried searching online and couldn't find it


If I want to install a few mods on top of the STEP, do I need to run the equalizer after them ?

if you happen to know, would any of these mods have any terrible issues or should they be safe ?


Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded

Danger Noodles (I imagine this will not break anything)
Winter Snakes
Fluffy Khajiit Tails
Instant Mining
Recorder Follower
Recorder Bugfix Patch
Stay Arrow Stay
Swearing Mudcrabs (I imagine just put it overtop the other audio editing mods)
Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn
Visible Favorited Gear



Not sure how important the rest of the steps are to do after the loot order and equalizer so haven't touched those yet

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LOOT 0.12.5 and older use priorities. LOOT 0.13.0 and newer remove priority and now use "Groups".

So you need to install an old version of LOOT.

Another idiot question, once I make the Mator Smash patch, I activate it and de activate all the other ESPs ? since from what I understand it is a combination of them all


Idiot question it is, the answer is no

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