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Missing version of Unofficial Patch Plus in F&L guide


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When I came across this section of the guide...

"Unofficial Patch Plus

  • Author: PushTheWinButton and others
  • Version: v1.38
  • Installation: Install both the main file and the optional file. When installing the optional file, select [Merge], not [Replace].

This mod expands on fixes outside the bound of YUP by combining things that can only be fixed with NVSE and functions created for use with NVSE."


I am confused what to do as the version has changed and there are multiple optional files that are only for Project Nevada, which the guide hasn't even gotten into talking about installing yet, I obviously feel like I would need that as a prerequisite so should I just install and activate the main file and install the optional files after I install Project Nevada contradictory to what the guide says? (My guess is that the optional file I am suppost to download as stated in the guide is gone now, but may have been merged with the new main file).

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I questioned this when I installed the guide and I came to the conclusion that all of the Project Nevada options (Core, Cyberware, Rebalance, and Equipment) should be installed so I installed all the matching optional files (Project Nevada, Cyberware, and Rebalance optional files) as appropriate.

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