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How much for 2 GTX 570?


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Hey fellas,


Since I'm getting my new graphic card farely soon, I'm thinking about selling my "old" 2 graphic cards to get a money refund in some way :D

I looked it up on the internet and the cheapest new Gainward Nvidia GTX 570 Phantom 1.25 GDDR5 is 250 € (from a somewhat reliable shop) here in Germany. My cards are 1.5 years old and barely overclocked at all, no scratches, no whatsoever and there has been a recent checkup on my system by a computer expert company that didn't find anything wrong in the whole system (including the two graphic cards). I'm not quite sure as to how the guarantee is still on those cards, but I think it sould still work out. I don't have the original packaging anymore, but I have all the extras (just need to sort them out X-/ ).

So what would you say? How much are they worth?

Looking up the prices on ebay the best realistic offer is 101 € for one card, but the card has scratches on it and the original packaging is there, but damaged.

I was thinking about selling it to some nerd in my town (there's an university here so chances are good) so there wouldn't be any shipping costs and I would hand over the cards versus the money myself.

All in all I'm thinking that 160-180 € should be the price range for one of the cards, and I would sell both cards for 300 €.


I'm looking forward to your feedback :)

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