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Applying True Alteration Armor Visuals to other flesh spells


Hi, Im trying to apply the visuals from TrueAlterationArmor/CuttingRoomFloor to the flesh spells of the newly released Zim's Dremora Improvements (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/86470).


I copied the effect shaders from Zim's Dremora Improvements as new records into a new esp (actually duplicated them, so that had four times the shaders, since the original one used the same shaders for all four flesh spells and I want to use oak, stone, iron and ebony for these four spells). I then changed/added the ICON - Fill Texture to OakFleshWood01.dds/StoneFlesh01.dds/IronFlesh01.dds/EbonyFlesh01.dds for the four flesh spells.


Then I copied the magic effects of the spells as overrides into my new esp and changed the Form ID under


VMAD - Virtual Machine Adapter -> Scripts -> Script -> Properties -> Property -> Value -> Object Union -> Object v2 -> FormID


to the new effect shaders and then the Form ID under


Magic Effect Data -> DATA - Data -> Hit Shader


to the new corresponding effect shaders as well.


I then tried out the flesh spells in game with my patch active, no change, still the same dull look of vanilla skyrim (;_;)


Hope this is not to complicated or specific and someone can help me with this

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