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  1. afaik kryptopyr used chicken butthurt minimizer as a base, the eggs from CACO are bigger than the ones from chicken butthurt minimizer
  2. A new version of the optional file "Patches for Arthmoor's Town add-ons" has been released, which now includes a patch for Oakwood.
  3. To quote the CACO mod page, aka kryptopyr: "Bird eggs have been resized and nests can now spawn with multiple eggs" also the mod discussed here is listed among the credits on the CACO mod page: "The following mod authors have generously allowed for their work to be used in this mod: ... ShinGouki for Chicken Butthurt Minimizer ..." And as stated above, the CACO esp reroutes the filepath for bird nest and egg meshes, so having chicken butthurt minimizer installed should have no effect at all, since the meshes are pulled from a different directory. If you still experience a change, then I think there must be something wrong with the installation.
  4. From what I've checked via xEdit, doesn't CACO change the file paths of both nests and eggs to use CACO-specific meshes, rendering this mod obsolete?
  5. I am finally free, no longer a prisoner, a newcomer now :D also part of all the new stuff coming, the nicer starter title?
  6. Sounds about right. From my experience it does work with CW, was just confused by the LOOT message ^^' thanks for the clarification TechAngel :)
  7. According to the mod page, if used together with Cathedral Weathers it is necessary to activate compatibility mode in the advanced section of the MCM menu. This step is missing from the MCM instructions in the 0.2.0b STEP Guide. Unless the L&W Patch makes it so that compatibility mode isn't required. If it is required though, another option instead of the compatibility mode is the mod "Improved Rain and Fog for Cathedral Weathers" (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/27831). Copied from the mod page: "If you are using Cathedral Weathers, enable Compatibility Mode in Advanced page of MCM to have lightning, because that weather doesn't have Thunder/Lightning Frequency defined. Note: If you're using Nawor3565's Improved Rain and Fog for Cathedral Weathers (Obsidian in Cathedral) you don't have to run Storm Lightning in compatibility mode. When Compatibility mode is enabled, you need to Disable Cloudy and Snowy Sheet and Fork lightnings from General page in MCM to make sure you don't get lightnings for those weathers."
  8. This mod as well as several other mods by the same author (Stay At The System Page - Updated, Whose Quest Is It Anyway, Yes Im Sure) require the following mod/resource for their newest version: Address Library for SKSE Plugins https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32444
  9. The patch for RW2 and Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes is sorted behind the CR and the L&W patch by LOOT. Just thought I mentioned it, in case that was not intended. Though from what I've seen it shouldn't matter. Also one minor thing, the RW2 Fomod instruction update is missing from Post Release Changes section of the 0.2.0b changelog ^^'
  10. Was wondering what the next steps (no pun intended lol) are for the STEP SE Guide, since the mathematical difference between 0.2 and 1.0 makes it feel like there is still quite a way to go, just don't see what there is left to do aside from testing and polishing, considering the guide is already pretty comprehensive with the amount of mods used.
  11. Fix Note icon for SkyUI (SKSE64 plugin) (by 0xC0000005) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32561 My personal note on this one (pun semi-intended): Does what it says, gives notes the proper icon in SkyUI. Little caveat, it does so by checking for the word "note" in the name of the item. Now since some "notes" don't have the note model but are acutally books (person XYs notes for ex) at least modelwise it feels not completely perfect.
  12. From what I've seen, this leads to carpets with black lines at the edge in jorrvaskr since Detailed Rugs comes with some carpet meshes that vanilla textures like SRO are not compatible with. Tested it by deactivating Detailed Rugs as well as giving it priority over SRO, both fixed the issue. So we could either install Detailed Rugs after SRO or hide certain meshes from the Detailed Rugs mod. From what I've gathered both ingame and through testing with nifskope, the meshes to consider are all jorrvaskr specific meshes from the Detailed Rugs mod (with the exception of the "wrskyforge01decorations01.nif" mesh), which are the following: meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrclutter\wrburialpyre01.nif meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrclutter\wrburialpyre01bodyholder01.nif meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrclutter\wrjorrvaskrrugendl01.nif meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrclutter\wrjorrvaskrrugendr01.nif meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrclutter\wrjorrvaskrrugsquare01.nif meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrclutter\wrjorrvaskrrugstr01.nif So we could either give Detailed Rugs priority over SRO or hide the meshes mentioned above. I'd favour the latter. Can test it yourself :)
  13. So the instructions for EBQO state, that we are only supposed to install patches that the installer auto-selects. Since at this point of the guide we don't have "The Paarthurnax Dilemma" and "Cutting Room Floor" installed yet, the installer doesn't auto-select the patches for these 2 mods. Does that mean, we don't need them and any possible conflicts will be handled by the CR Patch?
  14. Quick question regarding Smithing Perks Overhaul SE, which version should we use? I suppose Modified Vanilla, since that was also the version used in the 2.10 LE Guide.
  15. U tried disabling Majestic Mountains, start a new game and look for the two places and see if they are still there? Also does your rig meet the system requirements? Sometimes if the the system is too weak for the modded setup it causes black or overly dark textures. Missing textures usually show up as purple, dark ones like these is more like something is wrong with the textures.
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