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SRLE/X testers needed for new mod...

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Hey gang, just finishing up a pretty big mod and would love to have some testers using the SRLE and SRLE Extended setups.  This mod is quite beefy, encompassing my other mods and a year of learning.  You'll need a strong graphics card and processor to make it run well, especially with ENB.  I know there are some unfinished things, like better worldspace setup, better/more NPCs, small quest or 2 to get the home, get disenchant font working, etc. etc.  Notice the many shadowcasting and timed lighting, new music, tons of unique assets, kind of a theme, but that's WIP as well...


Should be comparable with any mod, just make sure to load the ESP and the assets after (below) any of my other mods to be safe.  You will find the boat to Dragonwind Isle on the Solitude Docks...there's also a map marker there to fast travel to the boat.


Please try to break it, find bugs, suggest any viable improvements, and let me know you're thoughts.




Mod Link:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzMqSzmzLLXkbWx5TElNaVVqNnc

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FYI, posted this as WIP on Nexus as well  can DL there if ud rather.

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