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Unclean ESMs in MO-Emulated Data folder for Wyre Smash


Okay everyone, I am not sure if I should post this in the Wyre or MO sub-forums, so thanks in advance for moving if necessary.


To put it simply, my cleaned update.esm is 1302 kb, the regular is 1448 kb.  In MO, the data tab in right pane says that Cleaned Update ESM is overwriting update.esm. In wyre smash, the left hand pane says update.esm is 1302 kb.  LOOT does not report any mods need cleaning.  Then I was goofing around with changing masters for the RIL patch for Immersive College of Winterhold, and noticed that it says in the "change to" data folder browser that update.esm is 1448 kb.  Every mod is there as it should be, just update and all Bethesda esms are their uncleaned file sizes!  In Wyre, if you click Mod Checker then scan for UDRs, it says all Bethesda esms need cleaning.


This even appears when restarting MO as administrator.  I am concerned because while everything else appears as it should, and MO can add files to skyrim data folder, it may not be able to overwrite any data there.  Oh, I have my skyrim installation on a non-system (F:) drive.  Is everything ok or is there a problem?




34508,"360 Walk and Run Plus","","360WalkRunPlus_v3_1_3-34508-3-1-3.7z"
4929,"A Quality World Map","","A Quality World Map 9.0.1 - Vivid with Stone Roads-4929-9-0-1.zip"
59171,"AH Hotkeys - Skyrim Hotkey Manager","","AH Hotkeys (full package)-59171-1-8-1.7z"
24909,"aMidianBorn - Content Addon","","aMidianBorn - Content Addon-24909-1-9.7z"
51130,"aMidianBorn Blade of Woe","","aMidianBorn Blade of Woe-51130-1-1.7z"
24909,"aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Armors","","aMidianBorn book of silence_ARMORS-24909-1-9.7z"
24909,"aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Creatures","","aMidianBorn book of silence_Creatures-24909-1-9.7z"
24909,"aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Dragonborn DLC","","aMidianBorn book of silence_DRAGONBORN DLC-24909-1-9.7z"
24909,"aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Unique Items","","F:/Users/John Sinclair/Downloads/Staff of Magnus Hotfix-24909-1-9.zip"
24909,"aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Weapons","","aMidianBorn book of silence_WEAPONS-24909-1-9.7z"
39190,"aMidianBorn Caves and Mines","","aMidianBorn Caves and Mines 1k-39190-.7z"
49040,"aMidianBorn Farmhouse","","aMidianBorn Farmhouse 1k-49040-1.7z"
50887,"aMidianBorn Imperial Light and Studded","","aMidianBorn Imperial Light 1dot1_2k-50887-1-1.7z"
50013,"aMidianBorn Solstheim Landscape","","aMidianBorn Solstheim Land 1K-50013-1.7z"
45692,"aMidianBorn Stormcloak Officer Armour","","aMidianBorn Stormcloak officer-45692-1.7z"
38491,"aMidianBorn Whiterun","","aMidianBorn Whiterun 1k 2_1-38491-2-1.7z"
48287,"Animated Clutter","","animated clutter-48287-1-9.7z"
12668,"Animated Weapon Enchants","","Animated Weapon Enchants - Vanilla Sounds-12668-1-2.zip"
16225,"Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim","","Apocalypse v940-16225-9-40.zip"
23793,"Appropriately Attired Jarls","","Appropriately Attired Jarls-23793-1-1-1.7z"
43773,"Audio Overhaul for Skyrim","","AOS 2.5.1 Full Install-43773-2-5-1.rar"
10753,"Auto Unequip Ammo","","Auto Unequip Ammo v5_0-10753-5-0.zip"
63902,"Barenziah's Glory","","Barenziahs Glory v2-1-63902-2-1.7z"
0,"Bashed Patch","",""
28363,"Beards","","Beards - 1K Resolution-28363-v4-1.rar"
24805,"Better Animal Footsteps","","Better Animal Footsteps 1.5-24805-1-5.7z"
60061,"Better College Application","","Better College Application - Plugin Update-60061-2-0-1.7z"
27371,"Better Dialogue Controls","","Better Dialogue Controls v1_2-27371-1-2.zip"
15508,"Better Fast Travel","","F:/Users/John Sinclair/Downloads/Better Fast Travel v3.76 - BSA - Hearthfires-15508-3-76.zip"
12608,"Better Horse Pain Sounds","","Better Horse Pain Sounds-12608-1.zip"
2488,"Better Males","","Underwear - Default-2488-2-3-2.rar"
28170,"Better MessageBox Controls","","Better MessageBox Controls v1_2-28170-1-2.zip"
16531,"Better Stealth AI for Followers","","Better Stealth AI for Followers-16531-3-4.zip"
8080,"Better Turn Animation","","Fix Crossed Swords and Turn with Leg move-8080-1-1.rar"
17903,"Better Weapon Swing Sounds","","BWS v1_1-17903.zip"
35399,"Book Covers Skyrim","","Book Covers Skyrim 3_6 LEGENDARY - Desaturated-35399-3-6.7z"
57120,"Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library","","Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library - DESATURATED-57120-1-7.7z"
14178,"Bring Out Your Dead","","Bring Out Your Dead - Legendary Edition-14178-3-0-0.7z"
30411,"Brows","","Standard Resolution-30411-v3-1.rar"
76747,"Bug fixes","","Bug Fixes v1-76747-1.zip"
14692,"Burn Freeze Shock Effects","","BFS Effects 3_6 - Dragonborn Dawnguard-14692-3-6.rar"
77126,"CACO - iNeed and Frostfall Patches","","iNeed_CACO - Patch-77126-v1-0.rar"
0,"CACOSTEP - Mighty Magic Patch","",""
64798,"Campfire - Complete Camping System","","Campfire 1.11-64798-1-11.zip"
0,"Cleaned Dawnguard ESM","",""
0,"Cleaned Dragonborn ESM","",""
0,"Cleaned Hearthfires ESM","",""
0,"Cleaned Update ESM","",""
12092,"Cloaks of Skyrim","","Cloaks of Skyrim 1-2 Dawnguard-12092-1-2.rar"
43053,"Clothing and Clutter Fixes","","Clothing and Clutter Fixes-43053-1-7.7z"
52665,"College of Winterhold - FIX SNOW","","College Fix Snow-52665-2.zip"
38448,"College of Winterhold Entry Requirements","","College of Winterhold Entry Requirements 2.4-38448-2-4.zip"
33562,"Come together N Out of the way","","Nausicaa-s Tweaker Scripts Fix 1_2a-33562-1-2a.7z"
69306,"Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul","","CACO Patches-69306-1-2-1.7z"
49791,"Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade","","CCO - WAF True Weapons Patch-49791-1-6.7z"
19730,"Consistent Older People","","Consistent Older People 31b All USLEEP-19730-3-1b.7z"
14950,"Convenient Horses","","Convenient Horses v5_0-14950-5-0.zip"
5941,"Cover Khajiits","","coverkhajiits 1024x1024-5941-1-0.rar"
47327,"Cutting Room Floor","","Cutting Room Floor - Legendary Edition-47327-2-0-5.7z"
17491,"D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP Animation","","D13 Faster Get up Stand up animation-17491-2-0.rar"
31087,"Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored","","Tenets Restored 1_3 - Standard Edition-31087-1-3.7z"
21922,"Dawnguard Crossbow Explosive Bolts Visualized","","Explosive Bolts Visualized HD Textures-21922-1.7z"
29735,"Dawnguard Rune Weapons FXS","","Dawnguard Rune Weapons FXS Replacer-29735-1-0.zip"
30947,"Dead Body Collision Fix","","With Improved Fireball Spell-30947-v2-4.rar"
77547,"Deadly Dragons Script Patch","","DD Script Patch 1.3-77547-1-3.7z"
2947,"Deadly Spell Impacts","","DSI Med 1_6_1-2947-1-6-1.7z"
3829,"Deadly_Dragons","","Deadly Dragons v 6.4.1-3829-6-4-1b.rar"
70133,"Deathbell HD","","Deathbell HD - 1K-70133-1-1.rar"
46741,"Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture","MEDIAL","Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture-46741-MEDIAL.7z"
67247,"DRAGON PRIEST","","Dragon.Priest.2k-67247-1-2.7z"
75175,"Dragonbone Mastery - Weapons Retexture","","Dragonbone Mastery - WITH Engravings-75175-2-1.rar"
35965,"Dragonborn Mages' Robes Retexture Pack","","DragonbornMagesRobesRetexturePack-35965-0-0.rar"
35286,"Dragons Shout with Voice","","Dragons Shout with Voice from location-35286-1-0.rar"
63991,"DROPS","","DROPS v1-63991-1-0.7z"
14915,"Dual Wield Blocking Animations","","Dual Wield Blocking Animations-14915-1-0.zip"
9247,"Dual Wield Parrying","","00 Dual Wield Parrying SKSE 3_1 beta-9247-3-1b.zip"
53071,"EASIER LOCKPICKING","","Easier Lockpicking 1_2 - Nordic Locks-53071-1-2.zip"
15152,"Elemental Staffs","","Elemental Staffs 1K Main Cleaned-15152-1-16.rar"
62425,"Embers HD","","Embers HD 1.33-62425-1-33.zip"
53638,"Enchanting Candle Meshes Improved","","EnchantingCandlesImproved_LeanWolf-53638-1-1.7z"
52717,"Enchantment Reload Fix","","Enchantment Reload Fix-52717-1-2.7z"
60,"Enhanced Blood Textures",""," Enhanced Blood Textures 3_6c NMM -60-3-6c.7z"
59733,"Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) - LITE","","ELE_Lite_v0_95c_Only IL-59733-0-9-5c.7z"
22650,"Enhanced Skyrim Factions - The Companions Guild","","ESFCompanions REQUIREMENTS-ONLY VERSION-22650-0-1-1.7z"
32695,"Even Better Quest Objectives","","Even Better Quest Objectives - 1.5.8a-32695-1-5-8a.7z"
42043,"FAR - Forgotten Argonian Roots",", 16 November 2013","FAR - Forgotten Argonian Roots - 2k-42043-.zip"
51330,"Farmhouse Chimneys","","Farmhouse Chimneys 2.8-51330-2-8.zip"
22522,"Female Vampires Have Fangs","","Female Vampires Have Fangs-22522-0-1.7z"
48265,"FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Script - FISS","","FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Scripts - FISS-48265-1-21.7z"
28202,"Fires Hurt","f1.09","fires_hurt_109-28202-1-09.7z"
11609,"Follower Trap Safety","","Follower Trap Safety v1_3-11609-1-3.zip"
22745,"Footprints","f1.00","Footprints v1_00 - Legendary-22745-1-00.7z"
11163,"Frostfall","","Frostfall 3.4.1 Release-11163-3-4-1.zip"
14884,"Fuz Ro D-oh","","Fuz Ro Doh 60-14884-6-0.zip"
51769,"Gemling Queen Dragon Claws","","SOLID with REFRACTIONS v3-0-51769-3-0.zip"
52266,"Gemling Queen Jewelry","","Gemling Queen Jewelry - All In One Installer v4-1c-52266-4-1c.7z"
12254,"Gildergreen Regrown","","Gildergreen Regrown-12254-1-2-6.7z"
27178,"Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux","","Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux NMM Installer-27178-2-7-4b.7z"
23390,"Guard Dialogue Overhaul","","Guard Dialogue Overhaul-23390-1-4.7z"
53059,"HD Dark Brotherhood Door","","No glowing eyes version-53059-1-0.rar"
29782,"HD Enhanced Terrain","","Hd Enhanced Terrain and Map snow 1024x1024 Version-29782-V8.rar"
2979,"HD Linens","","HD_Linens-2979-1-0.zip"
3595,"HD Misc","","HD Misc v1-3595-1-0.zip"
9912,"HD Ore and Ingots","","HD Ore And Ingots with manager-9912-1-0.7z"
83767,"HD Reworked Baskets","","HD Reworked Baskets-83767-1-0.7z"
38479,"HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit","","Stone Quarry for Vanilla Rock Texture-38479-1-0.7z"
13779,"Heart of the Beast","","Realistic werewolves - Feral werewolf Sounds-13779-1-4.rar"
66783,"Hearthfire Extended","","iNeed Patch-66783-1-0.7z"
4817,"High Quality 3D Map","","HQ3DMap - Normals Original-4817-2-0.7z"
1192,"High Quality Food and Ingredients","","HQ_FOOD-INGREDIENTS_1-6_PerformanceRepack_-1192-1-6.7z"
4834,"High Quality LODs","","HQLODs - Meshes Hi-Res-4834.7z"
62809,"High-Res Dartwing (Dragonfly) Texture","f1.02","High-Res Dartwing (Dragonfly) Texture 1.02-62809-1-02.rar"
5988,"HQ Paper","","HQ Paper-5988-2-3.rar"
743,"HQ Snow","","HQ snow Texture 3.4-743-3-4.zip"
33201,"Hunterborn","","Hunterborn Patches-33201-1-5-2.zip"
1546,"Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture","","Hybrids Hires Plant and Herb Retexture v4-1546.zip"
31039,"IHSS - Improved Horse Step Sounds","","Improved Horse step Sounds v2-1-31039-2-1.zip"
65013,"Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul","","Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul-65013-0-3-5-1a.7z"
36849,"Immersive College of Winterhold","","Immersive College of Winterhold-36849-4-1.7z"
82315,"Immersive College of Winterhold Archmage's Enchanting Table Fix","","CWI Archmage's Enchanting Table Fix-82315-1-0.7z"
3222,"Immersive HUD","","Immersive HUD - iHUD-3222-3-0-03.rar"
1702,"Immersive Thunder","","Immersive Skyrim Thunder V6-1702-V6.rar"
15927,"Improved Closefaced Helmets","","Update - Male corundrum Dragon Priest mask texture fix-15927-1-57a.zip"
5289,"Improved Combat Sounds","","Improved Combat Sounds V2 2-5289-2-2.zip"
40922,"Improved Vanilla Mountains","","Improved Vanilla Mountains HD-40922-1-0.rar"
10445,"Improved Weapon Impact Effects","","clean version by RPSGC-10445-1-1CLEAN.zip"
51473,"iNeed - Food, Water and Sleep","1.602.0.0","iNeed v1_602-51473-1-602.7z"
40960,"INIGO","","INIGO V2_3-40960-2-3.7z"
70035,"Inigo MCM","","InigoMCM_v25-70035-2-5.7z"
23916,"Invisibility Glitch Eyes Fix","","Invisibility Eyes Fix v2-23916-2-0.zip"
98,"KenMOD Time On Loading Screen","","Time on loading v5-98.zip"
18916,"Lanterns of Skyrim","","Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - MCM Special Edition-18916-2-5.rar"
69543,"Lepidoptera of Skyrim","","Lepidoptera Of Skyrim for Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul-69543-V2-0b.7z"
15506,"Lightning During Thunder Storms","","MintyLightningModV23-15506-23-0.zip"
29979,"Lock Overhaul","","Lock Overhaul-29979-1-2.rar"
21265,"Lore-Based Loading Screens","","Lore-Based Loading Screens 1.2-21265-1-2.zip"
1826,"Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door","","LowerVolume-1826-1.rar"
73838,"Lucidity Sound FX","","Lucidity Sound FX Update v1y-73838-v1y.rar"
0,"Mage Guild Compatibility","",""
69289,"Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul","","Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul - MOTO - SoM - USLEEP and CCF Compatible-69289-.7z"
95,"Main Font Replacement","","Centaur Font-95-2-0.rar"
7801,"Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem","f1.01","Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem Average Speed-7801.7z"
13166,"Mighty Magick Skyrim","","Mighty Magick Skyrim 4.15-13166-4-15.zip"
77465,"Modern Brawl Bug Fix","f1.04","Modern Brawl Bug Fix v104-77465-1-04.zip"
72849,"More Patches for CACO","","CACO - Cutting Room Floor-72849-1-3.7z"
3397,"More Realistic Hair","","Realistic Hair-3397-1-0.rar"
68125,"NARC","","NARC core-68125-1-2.rar"
6950,"New Thinner Torch","","Ultimate HD Torch by rheadude compatible-6950-1-0.rar"
28899,"Nightingale Prime","","Nightingale Prime HD - Leather Version-28899-Final.zip"
7093,"NoMaaM Breathing Idles","","Female without BBB and Male Breathing Idles V0_1-7093.rar"
13202,"Non-Essential Children","","Non-Essential Children - Hearthfire-13202-10-1.zip"
49279,"Northborn Scars","","NBScars-49279-1-1.rar"
72245,"Northfire's Skidmarks","","Northfire's Skidmarks-72245-1-0.rar"
2877,"Not Really HD Leather Strips","","Leather Strips-2877-0-9a.7z"
3375,"Not Really HD Mask of Clavicus Vile","","Corrected Wrecked Version-3375-0-9a.zip"
3693,"Not Really HD-Display Case","","Smudged Glass Version-3693.7z"
2875,"Not Really HD-Keys","","HD Keys With Normal Maps-2875-1.7z"
64633,"Not So Fast - Mage Guild","","NotSoFast-MageGuildV13-64633-1-3.7z"
62894,"Not So Fast - Main Quest","","NotSoFast-MainQuestV14-62894-1-4.7z"
22369,"Oblivion Gates","","Oblivion Gates v3 Skyrim and Dawnguard DLC - Inigo Compatible-22369-3-2.zip"
58705,"PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions","","PapyrusUtil - Scripting Utility Functions-58705-3-3.zip"
78061,"Patch for Vilja in Skyrim and USLEP","","EMViljaFIX-78061-1-1.7z"
10940,"Pilgrim's Delight","","Pilgrims Delight - Legacy-10940-1-1.zip"
33393,"Point The Way","","Point The Way-33393-1-0-8.7z"
38440,"PondFish and Salmon Replacer","","PondFish and Salmon Replacer_1.2-38440-1-2.zip"
29624,"RaceMenu","","RaceMenu v3-4-5-29624-3-4-5.7z"
18799,"Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD","","Radiant and Unique Potions Poisons and BOOZE v2 NON GLOW-18799-2-0.rar"
71222,"Radiant CACOSTEP - Patches","","CACO_STEP normal names - USLEEP-71222-1-250.zip"
3147,"Re-Defined Dungeons","","Re-Defined Dungeons 1024x1024-3147-1-0.zip"
50595,"Real Wood Textures - Farmhouses","","Real Wood Textures - Farmhouses No Green Moss Version 1K (S.T.E.P. Version)-50595-v1-0.rar"
52694,"Realistic Boat Bobbing","","Realistic Boat Bobbing 2.4.8-52694-2-4-8.7z"
8027,"Realistic Instruments","d2017.5.25","Realistic Instruments Pack-8027-1.zip"
601,"Realistic Ragdolls and Force","","Realistic Force-601-1-9.rar"
41076,"Realistic Water Two","","Realistic Water Two v1_11-41076-1-11.7z"
74568,"Relationship Dialogue Overhaul","","Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO v2.0i-74568-2-0.7z"
17609,"Relighting Skyrim","","Relighting Skyrim - No JIT (Only Legendary)-17609-v4-1.7z"
50327,"Ren's HD Shrines","","Rens HD Shrines - Ultimate-50327-2-0.rar"
64980,"Retexture for Bread - Hearthfire","","Retexture for Bread - Hearthfire-64980-0-55.7z"
65238,"Retexture for Soup","","For SMIM Mesh - Poor Version-65238-1-3.7z"
12426,"Running with Bows","","F:/Users/John Sinclair/Downloads/Running with a bow 3rd person-12426-1-0.zip"
63353,"RUSTIC CHILDREN","","RUSTIC CHILDREN - BODY - 2K-1K-63353-1A.7z"
69784,"RUSTIC CLOTHING","","RUSTIC CLOTHING - COMPLETE - 2K-1K-69784-3-0.7z"
73287,"RUSTIC ELDERSCROLL","","ELDERSCROLL FX - 1K-73287-1-0.7z"
73515,"RUSTIC FORSWORN","","RUSTIC FORSWORN - 2K-1K-73515-2-0.7z"
77778,"RUSTIC GARGOYLE","","RUSTIC GARGOYLE - 2K-1K-77778-2-0.7z"
62701,"RUSTIC POTIONS and POISONS","","RUSTIC POTIONS and POISONS - 1K-62701-1-1.7z"
63766,"RUSTIC SOULGEMS","","RUSTIC SOULGEMS 1K - SORTED-63766-2-0.zip"
3018,"Septim HD","","Septim HD 1 point 0-3018-1-0.zip"
16134,"Shadowmarks Improved","","Improved Shadowmark Textures - 256-16134-2-0.7z"
4260,"Silly Level of Detail-Wine Cellar","f1.00","Less Saturated Labels-4260.rar"
-1,"SKSE - Scripts","",""
40564,"SkyFalls and SkyMills","","SkyFalls and SkyMills FOMOD-BAIN Installer-40564-3-3-1.rar"
57859,"Skyrim - Enhanced Camera","","Enhanced Camera 1.4-57859-1-4.zip"
1175,"Skyrim -Community- Uncapper","","Skyrim -Community- Uncapper v1_15_2_0-1175-1-15-2-0.rar"
48195,"Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux","","Septim HD Coinpiles-48195-.7z"
141,"Skyrim Flora Overhaul","","Dragonborn addon v02-141-v0-2.7z"
33335,"Skyrim Improved Puddles","","Skyrim Improved Puddles 1024 BAIN-33335-1-1a.7z"
32505,"Skyrim Project Optimization","","Skyrim Project Optimization - Full Version-32505-1-6.rar"
0,"Skyrim Realistic Overhaul Optimized Textures","d2017.6.16","C:/DDSopt/Working/Mod Optimized Archive/Skyrim Realistic Overhaul_opt.7z"
8954,"Skyrim Redesigned","","F:/Users/John Sinclair/Downloads/FOMOD version-8954-.7z"
62238,"Skyrim Skill Interface Re-Texture","","SSIRT v3.0-62238-v3-0.zip"
16072,"Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project","","Skyrim Weapon DeLARPification Project Dragonborn v1_0_2-16072-1-0-2.7z"
28448,"Skyvoice","","Way of the Voice - Words of Power Renamed - Dawnguard-28448-BETA4-1.7z"
34012,"SkyVoice Words Renamed Dragonborn Optional Plugin","","Way of the Voice - External - Words of Power Renamed - Dragonborn-34012-1-0.zip"
10394,"SM Drop Lit Torches","","Drop Lit Torches 3-10394-3-0.zip"
31899,"Smaller Ice Spikes and Spear","","Smaller Ice Spike 50-31899-1-1.zip"
14559,"Smart Souls","","Smart Souls 90-14559-9-0.zip"
33959,"Smithing Perks Overhaul","","Smithing Perks Overhaul-33959-3-4.7z"
1117,"Smooth Blade Draw and Sheathe","","Smooth draw and Sheathe sfx - Full options-1117-2-3.7z"
8655,"Static Mesh Improvement Mod","f2.04","SMIM 2-04-8655-2-04.7z"
28418,"Stealth Skills Rebalanced","","Stealth Skills Rebalanced_COMPLETE_FULL-28418-1-5.7z"
11,"STEP Compilation","","STEP Compilation Installer - Normal Res - 2.10-11-2-10.7z"
0,"STEP Core & Extended - Survival patch","d2017.6.2","F:/Users/John Sinclair/Downloads/STEP Core & Extended - Survival patch (1).7z"
11,"STEP Vanilla Optimized Textures","","STEP Vanilla Optimized Textures - Standard-11-1-2.7z"
2653,"Subliminal Traps","","Suubliminal Traps 2dot1-2653-2-1.rar"
3794,"Super Realistic Ore Textures","","Just the textures-3794-1-0.zip"
36510,"Superior Lore-Friendly Hair","","  SLF Hair - Rough Hair - Lite 1K-36510-2-0.7z"
4947,"Sweet Mother","","Sweet Mother HD-4947-2-0.7z"
55640,"TDN Vampire Armor Retexture","","Nightshade Vampire Armor Retexture-55640-1-0.rar"
19107,"The 418th Step","","The 418th Step 1_2 - Snow Version-19107-1-2SN.zip"
26359,"The Choice is Yours","","The Choice is Yours-26359-2-0.zip"
24019,"The Elder Scrolls V Rewritten - Arvak","","Dawnguard Rewritten - Arvak-24019-1-1-1.7z"
18465,"The Paarthurnax Dilemma","","The Paarthurnax Dilemma-18465-1-2-9.7z"
14157,"Thieves Guild Requirements","","Thieves Guild Requirements-14157-3-0.7z"
3799,"Thundering Shouts","","Thundering Shouts - loose files-3799-1-2.7z"
38151,"Timing is Everything","f2.02","Timing is Everything-38151-2-02.7z"
1123,"Tobe's Hi-Res Textures","","Tobes Highres Textures 1_2b SMIM Patch-1123-1-2.rar"
34612,"Trade and Barter","","Trade And Barter - Hearthfire-34612-1-2.zip"
31799,"Traps Make Noise","","Traps Make Noise - Follower Safety Patch-31799-2-1.zip"
27208,"Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds","","Bow sound-27208-1.rar"
31274,"Ultra Realistic Crossbow Shoot Sounds","","Main File  --fixed the Normal Crossbow sound---31274-.rar"
-1,"Unmanaged: Dawnguard","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: Dragonborn","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: HearthFires","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack01","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack02","",""
-1,"Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack03","",""
31255,"Unofficial High Resolution Patch","","Unofficial High Resolution Patch-31255-1-2-1.7z"
71214,"Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch","","Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch-71214-3-0-9.7z"
58057,"Viewable Faction Ranks","","Viewable Faction Ranks Dawnguard and Dragonborn-58057-1-1-8.zip"
61947,"Vilja Hotkeys","","Hotkeys For Vilja-61947-3-0.zip"
26393,"Vilja in Skyrim","","ViljaInSolstheimAddOn_Ver2-26393-2.7z"
59809,"Vivid Clouds and Fogs","","Vivid Clouds and Fogs-59809-2-90.7z"
43221,"Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised","","SMIM compatibility patch-43221-1-5.7z"
34093,"Weapons and Armor Fixes","","Weapons and Armor Fixes-34093-5-2.7z"
48538,"WEBS extended","","WEBS extended v3 x2048-48538-3-0.7z"
27563,"Wet and Cold","f2.02","Wet and Cold v2_02-27563-.7z"
54078,"White Phial Replacer","","White Phial Replacer - All In One Installer v1-2-54078-1-2.7z"
1647,"Whiterun Trellis Redesigned","","Whitrun Trellis Texture 1024    v_1_1-1647.zip"
13486,"Winter Is Coming - Cloaks","","WIC Cloaks Textures Medium 2_2-13486-2-2.7z"
54485,"Wiseman303's Critter Fixes","f1.06","WM Critter Fixes v1_06-54485-1-06.7z"
70656,"Wiseman303's Flora Fixes","f2.01","WMFF Inigo Patch-70656-2-01.7z"
55100,"Wiseman303's Trap Fixes","","WM Trap Fixes-55100-2-0b.7z"
64941,"Wonders of Weather","f1.01","Wonders of Weather v1_01-64941-1-01.7z"
52322,"WSCO - Windsong Skyrim Chracter Overhaul","","WSCO - Occidental Vanilla Body v1-52322-1-0.7z"
68000,"XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended","","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended-68000-3-94.7z"


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Sorry guys I just realized I messed up the Spoilers code, sorry? Would someone mind fixing it.  I checked things out by running Free Commander XE inside MO.  And here is what I got:


Name                Vanilla Size   Cleaned Size    MO EMULATED    

                        (Windows)    (MO)               (Free Commander XE)


Update.esm       1484 kb        1.3 mb            1.4 mb   

Dawnguard        24,470 kb     23.3 mb          24.4 mb

Hearthfire          3482 kb        3.3 mb            3.4 mb

Dragonborn        62,999 kb     61.1 mb          64 mb


Everything else in Free Commander XE appears as it should. Any ideas?

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When you cleaned the ESMs, did you end up with two copies or just one? 

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You should have one that says Unmanaged: Dawnguard, Unmanaged: Dragonborn.... for all the vanilla ESMs. They you clean the plugins and make a mod folder for the clean version from what's in the overwrite folder.


You should be following the instructions in the STEP guide for that part. Even if you aren't using the STEP guide, this section is the proper way to clean with MO.




Try that and see if you get different results.

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Yeah, I have that.  Left pane MO looks like it should going from Cleaned Update --> Unmanaged Dawnguard --> Cleaned Dawnguard, etc.  LOOT and xEdit appear to be detecting the cleaned esms appropriately.  Free Commander and Wyre Smash do not.  No idea why?


Would anybody who can verify that they are using the cleaned Bethesda esms in-game check Wyre Smash by clicking Mod Checker then scan for UDRs and see if they report as unclean too?  Or check to see if Free Commander reports the reduced "cleaned" file sizes?  I just want to make sure that I am using the cleaned esms in game.

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I wonder if this is just an oddity with Wrye Bash because it shows a bunch of records that need to be cleaned with my cleaned DLCs as well.

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I thought that it was just Wrye smash until I tried Free Commander.  However, I noticed that for new, non-overwritten (such as ESPs) MO-emulated data you can't "right click" to view Properties in Free Commander.  But for the overwritten Bethesda ESMs, you can.  So I was thinking that when I check Properties on Update.esm, Free Commander is "looking through" the emulated data to the file as is un-emulated in the data folder.  I was wondering if someone with more experience than me could verify the behavior in their Wyre Smash and/or Free Commander, and if it it is there, tell me it isn't in their Skyrim game.  Again, Wyre Smash displays the cleaned file size in left pane, and the unclean file size in bottom-right pane when right clicking and selecting "Change to" on the Bethesda ESMs.  Wyre Smash also says that the cleaned Bethesda ESMs are unclean when clicking Mod Checker at the left of the bottom bar then it the popup clicking on the Scan for UDRs.  Curiously it doesn't doesn't do this for cleaned mod.  Which is why I think these programs may be just looking through the data.  Does these programs do this for ANYONE else?

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Don't use Free Commander to check anything about your load order. Although it works it also provides false information about your LO as it can not look inside BSAs to see what files they are providing, it only sees those files as... files, not archives. Yes I know @Tannin specifically made reference to its use but that was just as a proof of concept, not as a working environment.


Be very careful in checking the dialogues in WB regarding unclean plugins. Are you sure they are not unclean because of NAVM (navmesh issues)? The xEdit cleaning process does not remove those, you would need to load them into the CK and do that by hand. Since it isn't really needed no one has automated that process.

Edited by GrantSP
Edited to reflect the negative, not what I initially wrote.

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I only used Free Commander to see if it was a problem exclusive to WB, or a problem with MO.  I am not sure how to test if the cleaned or unclean Bethesda esms are being loaded into Skyrim.  I am trying to eliminate issues prior to heavily playing.  I get frustrated by the play --> bug --> hunt  ---> fix --> restart --> repeat cycles.  So I would really like to know if my cleaned ESMs are actually loaded prior to heavy playing.


As an aside, Antipodean, what do you mean by "Since it is really needed no one has automated that process."  Should I be looking for instructions as for removing the nav meshes?  I assumed that it was not necessary unless you had mods that introduced new nav meshes that specifically interacts with the deleted ones.  And since most non-landscape mods don't have nav meshes... you get the picture.

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That was my mistake. I've edited my post to show what I really wanted to say.

In essence the errors you are seeing are of no consequence, just ignore them.

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