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ENB Limiter Question



Im not sure but the guide says one thing about the limiter feature and GamerPoets says another. I would like to find out if I should enable it or disable it. Note: i force v-sync in nvidia Inspector and I use Vividian ENB.


From STEP ENB guide:



20px-Info-Logo.png      Notice:Limiting FPS is neither necessary nor recommended when vertical sync (vsync) is enabled under [ENGINE], since vsync inherently limits FPS to the monitor refresh rate or lower.

Enables/disables upper limit to frames per second (FPS) the specified integer. This feature is useful to control some performance issues such as lagging, crashes, freezes, stuttering, and physics issues which are present at high frame rates. The limiter can be turned on and off in-game by pressing Shift+Home (by default, but shortcut keys can also be customized under [iNPUT]). Enabling the limiter with older versions of ENBSeries could also increase load times; however, since version 0.265 the FPS Limiter has been forced to 60FPS on loading screens to help eliminate this issue.

20px-Info-Logo.png      Notice:Some users have reported enabling the limiter causes extremely low FPS (5-15FPS) regardless of what the FPSLimit parameter is set to. Other users have reported the ENBSeries FPS Limiter not working at all. In these cases, the video card limiter in the video card settings might be more stable.



GamerPoets mentions: Tutorials - Vividian ENB : Mod Organizer




Please listen to his instructions given. Is this tweak still relevant at this time for the havok engine? Thank you.

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So I've ran around testing this, shooting every material I could in sight (including hay bails and stacks) and the arrows stuck into everything I shot at. So that test came up with no difference on my end. However, the general advice is still good. You never want to run over 60FPS due to the havok engine. Those that need to limit this are users that have 120/144Hz monitors which vsync will push the game past the 60FPS mark. These users do, without a doubt, need to use the limiter.

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