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Help! - [SOLVED]



OK, I play on a CRT monitor using 1600x1200 resolution (@75). Everything was fine until a few moments ago, I loaded the game and the hud is over the horizontal black stripes top and bottom as in 16:9 rezolution. Again, hud is over these black stripes, so the game is not rendered in 16:9 rez. I never had this issue until now. What could have happend?

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You can turn off the cinematic black bars if you don't like them or they cause issues. I've turned them off myself.


Open your enbeffect.fx file in a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++.


Find the line towards the top of the file:



Add a dounle slash in front of it (this comments the line out and disables the black cinematic bars):



Save the file.

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