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Wryebash deleted all my DLC's from MO, how do I get them back?



Basically, I downloaded wryebash, I followed gamerpets instructions, made a bashed patch and boom - I don't have my DLC's anymore. I do not know how it happened, but I got rid of wryebash completelly, in hopes that It would make it like it was but it did not.

Dawnguard, hearthfire and dragonborn are missing from MO.

They are still located inside my skrims data folder:






However, they do not appear in my MO anymore, not in the left or the right side:






How do I get them back?

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check the "overwrite" mod in MO


EDIT: no wait, the ESMs don't appear in that screenshot of your data folder...  and if they were in overwrite they'd still be listed in your load order in MO

Yeah, that seems to be the case.


They are in the right hand pane unchecked and at the bottom.

Those are unofficial patches, not the DLC's themselves, if I check then, they still require the DLC's.

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Unrelated to your OP, but your installation is in need of a cleanup.

  1. You have the individual UnOfficial patches installed directly into your 'Data' folder, although they are not active in your load order. You do have USLEEP installed and active so just delete the old patches.
  2. The Hi-Res Textures are loaded in reverse order in the left-hand pane.
  3. The order of your mods in the left-hand pane is alphabetical and therefore not in the correct order.
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