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Help Identifying Missing Meshes



Hi there I'm having issue with this invisible/missing meshes on Thalmor Boots ID 00065BAC.

here is the picture of it


As you can see there my feet are invisible, and the mfg console shows the mod is from Skyrim.esm. For some reason if I remove it from my inventory it will just float in the air and can't be selected so I can't see which is the last mod that changes it.

But when I entered the ID of the boots in xEdit it shows up this


The Female World Model is different from the mfg console, and here is my meshes/clother/thalmor from MO data tab. I tried adding the ThalmorBootsGO.nif in there to see if it will fixed it and it doesn't work, I tried changing the Female World Model from xEdit to follow the MO data tab not working either. So I'm completely confused on this.


Edit: and also the armor rating while in game it showed up as 0 while in xEdit it showed up as 7 from CCF, while the value and weight are following CCF values. Any idea about this as well?

My load order is in my Modwatch it is up to date.


Thank you.

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