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almost no color outdoors



I recently went through an experiment trying out some ENB presets, but none of them worked well for me.  I decided to revert to just using the basic ENBoost to get the memory management functions.   In reverting, I must have deleted some critical file that manages the colors for outside scenes.  The are almost all black and white now.


Can someone give me pointers on how to recover from this mistake?  Is there an *.fx file that manages the outdoor colors (which i might have deleted by mistake).  I have followed the guides and believe that I have enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini done correctly.

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Delete the enbseries folder in the Skyrim directory. Next delete everything in the Skyrim directory that isn't a folder. Last, open up Steam, right click on Skyrim in your game library, select properties, go to the local files tab, and "verify integrity of game cache".


This should clean out all ENB file and restore your game. Be sure you also revert any changes you made to your INI files such as bFloatPointRenderTarget should be set to 0 with no ENB installed.

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