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Cave wall glowing texture



I have installed a mod called Skyrim Underground, comes in a bsa+esp.


Since I am new to actually playing through the game, I wondered whether this texture / effect found on the cave walls is present in the vanilla game.


I assume it is some sort of bioluminescence.


If it is a vanilla effect is there an improved version?

None of the STEP mods I have installed seem to change it whatever the load order.



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Thanks to your help and also the mod author, I narrowed it down.

It is a texture found in a few Falmer caves.

There is even mention of it on the STEP forums:


and a mod that reduces the glow on Nexus:


I would have thought something in all the STEP texture mods might have covered this - I wonder which ones are likely to have?

Maybe it's just too obscure.

In any case, now I know, I can try altering the texture /glow to my taste.

Thanks for your help!

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Well, we all know most of us haven't seen vanilla in a long, long time. :^_^: The cave walls with Falmer inhabiting them in STEP do not look like that, for sure. I'm been in plenty of those. To be honest, I've never seen that texture in vanilla unless it's the Bkackreach wall texture and then it's so dark in there that you don't see any of that coloration...just the glow is visible.

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