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When should I fully be able to start a game and play for testing purposes? Barely into 2D:fixes, already CTD after Beth Logo



I mean, wow.  I just started this like 2 hours ago.  I loaded the game from Steam, it played, and then I started following down STEP 2292 till about after STEP Vanilla Textures.  From there, I tested, to make sure it would still start, and ALREADY it's CTD'ing.  

I don't suppose NVIDIA GeForce Experience is screwing something up.  Turned that on once by mistake, but didn't let it optimize anything on skyrim before I started Step Project.  It now requires a log in just to get in, so I think I'll pass on that.


Tried the Common CTDs suggestion on the 1st page.  Thought it should be good if it's stickied still.  Loot, cleaned ESMs, as I said, right down the STEP list until "FIXES" and I stopped before the Appropriately Attired Jarls.  


Other than that:


Win10 anniversary ed.

GeForce 845M v 372.90

16G ram...


anything else?


I don't really have "apps" for the computer, other than netflix.  Program-wise, it's a work computer, so I keep it at minimum.  Office, Adobe, Chrome.  That's generally it.  Fresh install as of 4 months ago.


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I have all that.  The ONLY additional one I had was alternate start, and even that, I started a new profile to test, so I didn't mess up my STEP profile.  It's the 3rd, maybe 4th time I've modded up skyrim, on 2 laptops & a desktop.  Had a fantastic run before, till the HD died.  

Question is, should the game run just fine after each and every mod added, TES5'd, basically after each step?


Got half a mind just to wait for the end of October to see what the new version brings.  I'm guessing there'll be a STEP for that as well in the near future.

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If you run LOOT to get the load order set then the game should run after each group of mods in a category has been added. I use Alternate Start, by the way, and I haven't had any problems with it used as part of my STEP profiles.


There won't be a STEP for the new Skyrim version very soon. It will have to wait for some of the key utilities like SKSE, and some of the key mods to be converted. Some important mods like SkyUI have no plans for making a version compatible with the revised Skyrim.

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Ran LOOT, cleaned the Masters and all

.. If that's the case, there's most likely a bigger problem than mods. This is my second try in a few weeks. It sounds like it has nothing to do with STEP.


Might be my work computer but won't take me more than a few hours to purge the entire thing, start from scratch and reinstall. For my off time entertainment, it's worth it.

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