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rA3-21's plasma rifle dose not use zoom rework nor range finder!



Got everything working together nicely so far, very few crashes or obvious errors. Except the fact that rA3-21`s plasma rifle dose not want to use the zoom rework FWE feature nor the range finder mod... Ran loot, cleaned the files, created a bash patch correctly and sorted masters, but the weapon still acts like a vanilla sniper rifle. Dose FWE and range finder consider it a normal rifle, if so, can I change that in xEdit? Please help! Thank you and have a wonderful day!  ::):

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FO3 was the first Bethesda Fallout game and weapon modifications were provided only by mods, and several mods took different approaches in providing these weapon modifications. Some mods don't allow modifications to unique weapons so they don't become overpowered and unbalanced.


If you look in FO3Edit (xEdit) at the A3-21's Plasma Rifle you will see that several plugins provide changes to this weapon's records, and a number of the key record changes they make are incompatible with those from other mod plugins. The ingame result depends on which mods you included. I use the Wasteland Patches in my game which load last, and since it is the last loading plugin it determines the weapon properties.


In any case you can add a patch plugin which loads at the very end, and you can change the weapon properties to whichever ones you want. Some of the record choices are independent of those for other records, such as the choice of Icon and the changes to support the Impact mod if it is used. For some of the records you will need to make sure your choices are consistent (e.g., all the various records that include the word "Model" and the DNAM flags). For these records it is typically best to choose the record values from one of the mod plugins. With the mods I have installed for this weapon I see five different choices in FO3Edit for the combinations of Model records and DNAM flags. Whatever choice you make you won't get all the possible features and you won't be able to choose among ingame weapon looks since these need to be compatible with the features.

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