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Skyrim Revisted Legendary Edition Conflict Resolution issue



I am in the Conflict Resolution sub guide, and all was going smoothly, that is until I got to:

"0002BDDD > 000D27DF

Conflict Resolution: Use record from Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp, right-click on the conditions bar and select add. Move the "MQ102" condition from Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp and overwrite the newly created condition slot(GetWantBlocking).
Problem Resolved: Additional condition added by Alternate Start - Live Another Life needed to be merged with the changes from Guard Dialogue Overhaul."

Located in the "Dialog Topic" section of the guide.

The issue I am encountering with this, is that when I left click and drag the "MQ102" over the "(GetWantBlocking)", it doesn't let me copy over it, it shows me a circle icon with a slash through it when I hover over it with the grabbed "MQ102", indicating to me, that this action is not allowed, as such, there is no way with my current knowledge, I will be able to overcome this, so any help would be appreciated.

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