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State of STEP - August 2016


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To quote those famous words we all know and love, "and...we're back! ~Gopher".


Our second release of the State of STEP article is out! These articles are our way to stay more connected with our own community, as well as, the modding community as a whole. They are to inform the community what we're up to between releases, relay are community related news, and feature a few mods that we (the staff) use which aren't included in STEP, but work well on top of STEP:Core/Extended. You can find the article on our wiki at the link below.


August 2016, State of STEP: https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:State_of_STEP/2016-08-13


We're also looking for feedback! What would you like to see in the article? What did you like about it? What didn't you like? Well thought out and informative feedback is the most constructive so that we may improve upon the articles over time.


Thanks for reading!

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Well, that's obviously good news, and the article covers a lot of the modding community (but you forgot to wrote about the new packs available aka SRLE:Legacy etc.  :innocent: ) Also good things to put the best mods out there (Endereal is amazing !)


Good work Tech and thank you for everything you've done to STEP !

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